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Buying Selling and Trading Rules

The Shave Nook likes to think that we are buying and trading among friends and fellow wet shaving enthusiasts. However, by using the B/S/T and WTB forums you are agreeing to our "Caveat Emptor" (Let the buyer beware) policy. This means the administrators, moderators and The Shave Nook are not responsible for possible negative outcomes that may result from sale/trade agreements made.  The Shave Nook does have a number of rules to help in the making a smooth transaction.  

These rules and guidelines may be amended by TSN as the need arises.  
As with all items on the forums, the decisions of the moderators are final.

A. General Information:

  1. To sell or trade or to post a Want to Buy ad, you must have at least 45 quality posts to your credit and have been a member for at least 30 days. You may buy items posted by other members at any time.
  2. Members banned at other forums for improper sales are not permitted to sell here either.
  3. Transactions are to be conducted via Private Message, not in thread.
  4. Any disagreement with nature of BST listing .. pricing, presentation, etc. .. should be addressed via PM to member and/or moderator .. and not by disruptive posts in the thread.
  5. Sellers may choose to whom they sell their items and are not required to sell to the first responder.
  6. The Shave Nook's selling & trading section is here for members to buy / sell and trade with each other.
    This site is not meant for members to pick up items at bargain prices and turn around and resell on another site (forum, storefront or auction house) at a profit.
    Members who sell here realize that they are selling for less than they can get elsewhere, but choose to do so as a benefit to our membership. Profiting at their expense is not allowed.
  7. You may “bump” your thread only after 7 (seven) days have passed since the last post in your thread.
  8. A member may have no more than 3 separate BST listings/threads at any given time.  Additional listings/threads are subject to removal.
  9. When items have sold or been found, please edit your post’s title and insert “SOLD”, “FOUND”, “WITHDRAWN” or “ARCHIVE” at the beginning of the title so the mods will know to move it to the archives.
  10. For the sake of posterity, we ask that you do not delete the price, description or photos from your original post after the item has sold.
  11. In the best interests of both the seller and buyer, complete the transaction as quickly as possible.  
  12. Shavenook.com offers no guarantee with respect to member to member sales or trades. Any dispute arising should be settled privately between the parties concerned.
  13. After the transaction is complete, please provide user feedback via our feedback system.  This is one tool to help ensure everyone has a smooth transaction.

B. Requirements for your post:

  1. The items must be in your possession.  No selling for friends or 3rd parties, no selling something en route to you before it arrives.  
  2. Threads should be as descriptive as possible, including product condition, amount of product left.
  3. Original photos of sale or trade items are required, and must be shown in the post.  Stock photos and/or links to other sources/sites for pictures will not be permitted.  Ads without photos will be removed.
  4. Your post MUST include all fees including domestic shipping as well as paypal fees.
  5. For all non-vintage items, you must state how much the items costed new and you must not ask for more than the item costs new.
  6. Sellers may not request PayPal Personal / Gift payments.   Period.
  7. No auctions allowed, this includes links to auction sites.  All posts MUST include a set price.

C. What you can and cannot sell:

  1. We are limiting the sales to grooming (shaving, hair care, skin care, nail care, etc.) and personal accessories (sunglasses, wallets, watches, pens, etc.).
    Remember, we are a wet shaving forum, items not falling into these categories are not allowed to be sold, and will be removed by a moderator if found.
  2. Vendors & artisans may list their personal items, but may not list items they make or sell in our selling & trading forum.
  3. Selling individual fluid decants or group lots of decants (of eau de toilette or cologne, for example) is considered a vendor activity and is not allowed. This also includes the selling of "slices" of a puck of soap. Only TSN vendors are allowed to sell decants or samples.
  4. Items that pose a possible health risk cannot be sold or traded. This would include items that come in direct contact with blood and that also cannot be easily sanitized such as used alum.
  5. Tobacco, alcohol, firearms, and products of questionable taste or dubious legality may not be sold nor traded.

Please remember the use of our selling & trading forum is a privilege and not a right.  Violation of the above rules can end with having your ability to post in this section revoked.