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The Horsehair Shaving Brush Movement

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Allow me to introduce myself -I am Oscar Julian, owner and the third generation of my family to operate Vie-Long. Vie-Long has been the leading Spanish manufacturer of shaving brushes since 1940. From the very beginning, our specialty has been the production of horse hair shaving brushes. While we produce badger and boar shaving brushes like all the other shave brush manufacturers, we are the worldwide leader when it comes to horse hair shaving brushes.

Several weeks ago Phil Huntsinger of BullGoose Shaving asked me to write an article about horse hair shaving brushes. I would like to thank Phil for allowing me the opportunity to write an article for the Shave Nook shaving forum to discuss the production of our Vie-Long horse hair shaving brushes

The most important thing about the Vie-Long horse hair brushes is the soft tips that we obtain thanks to our final process of production that we apply to the tips.

We produce our horse hair shaving brushes differently from other manufacturers which is why other manufacturers are unable to produce horse hair brushes with such soft tips. I regret to tell you that I cannot explain the process in detail because it is a trade secret, part of our Know How. We combine modern technology with a careful and traditional handcrafted manufacturing process which strengthens our brand and product prestige in both local and international markets.

Vie-Long horse hair brushes have really caught on with those who are concerned with the humane treatment of animals. Horses are not killed or harmed during collection of hair (unlike badger and boar). The “hair cut” is part of the horses’ care and hygiene. We have seen a surge of interest in horse hair brushes over the past few years and suspect that the “movement” will continue to gain in popularity.

Vie-Long horse brushes have a very good quality to price ratio. We can get a brush with an excellent combination of firm hair and soft tips with a very good price point. The smoothness of the tips is like the best badger brushes but the price is close to the boar brushes. In addition, Horse hair allows very good water retention, much better than the synthetic brushes. As such, we recommend the Vie-Long horse hair brushes for both creams and hard soaps because the brushes work very well.
We produce Vie-Long horse hair brushes in 3 different varieties of natural horse hair; white, black and brown.

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The quality of the 3 colors is the same, with the same backbone and softness. We mix the hair of mane and tail to get the quality that we need for the production of our Vie-Long horse hair brushes. The percentage is around 35% mane and 65% tail but it is not always used in the exact same percentage in every production - it depends on the raw material received each time. The softness is obtained thanks to the mane and the backbone thanks to the tail.

Our supplier of horse hair is located in Spain and the horse hair come mainly from Spanish horses. The horse hair also comes from South America and Arabian countries where there is a large equestrian tradition. All the hair is sterilized before it is used to make a brush.