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Gentlemen, I recently had the pleasure of doing an interview with Ed (Weber Razor).
I often found myself wanting to know a little more about Ed and his stainless artwork, so
I figured why not ask for an interview to share with the wetshaving world.
He happily agreed, so without further adieu...

Ed, thank you for taking the time to discuss Weber razor and share a little
about yourself with us. There is a cult following of wetshavers who absolutely
love your razors and handles, myself included. The latest batch of DLC was
like the release of a new iphone, I typed as fast as I could to get my
order in before they sold out again. I am sure amazon's server was on the
verge of crashing once your tweet was put out there!! Biggrin On a serious note,
as wetshavers we can't help but let our curiosity get the best of us,
so we would like to know more about the man behind the curtain, and the
wonderful shaving tools you elegantly craft for us...

Please, tell us a little bit about yourself Ed, what got you into
traditional wet shaving?

I started wet shaving around 30 years ago with a hand me down Gillette TTO
adjustable slim razor.  Back in the early 80's blades seemed harder to
come by and I would bounce back and forth between DE and an old Schick
injector model.  That was before the Interweb changed the world and now
there are so many options in blades and razors, it really adds to the fun
of the hobby.

Are you a machinist by day or is the Weber company more of a hobby for you?

Our razor business is still a part-time operation.  We came out with a
machined open comb razor back in 2010. It had a 'W' on the top of the cap
and you either loved it or hated it (most people leaned toward the
latter).  We started offering the closed comb version in 2011 and we have
far outpaced the sales projections that we had.

What prompted you to start the Weber razor company?

Back in 2010, there seemed to be only be a few larger companies, mostly in
Germany and England, that were producing razors.  We thought it would be
interesting to produce an all stainless steel razor here in the US and
price it competitively with the chromed models.  Since I was interested in
wet shaving, it seemed like a good choice for a small business.

Your razors stand out from the modern stainless crowd due to the
techniques used to manufacture them, the three handle variations you
offer, and most notably, your coatings. This brings up my next question,
why DLC and ARC? Prior to you coating your razors, these were terms we
never uttered on the shaving forums. What prompted your offering of razors
with these fantastic and very interesting coatings?

We were familiar with DLC coatings on higher end watches and that it was
used in the medical industry.  It's hardness and lubricity seemed like a
good fit for use on our razors and we like the color contrast of the
handle with the black head.  We started out with the classic style handle
and soon received lots of requests for the bulldog style and a color
matched head.  We started producing the ARC heads but now have settled on
the un-coated polished version.  Recently we introduced the Wave style
handle and we are definitely pleased with the response.

What is your personal favorite Weber razor?

I used to like a longer style handle (like the Slim) but in the past year
have really started to prefer the shorter, fatter bulldog.  My current
razor is the polished head with bulldog handle.

What does the future hold for Weber razor in your eyes? What can we expect
to see a year or two down the road, any special plans for other coatings
or razor designs?

We plan on sticking with the closed comb all stainless razor for the
foreseeable future.  The feedback on the color matching polished heads has
been very favorable, so we will be focusing on that as our primary
offering.  We plan on continuing to offer the 3 handle styles (classic,
bulldog and wave).

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We'd like to thank everyone for the support this past year and we are
looking forward to a strong 2013.  A few years ago when we started selling
our razors, there was a noticeable void of US producers.  Now we are
seeing something akin to the micro brewing industry with new US producers
like Tradere and Above the Tie entering the market and offering the wet
shaving community more options, which is a good thing.

Well, I guess that's a wrap! In closing, let me say that I intend to fully
support any and all future endeavors Weber razor might offer. On behalf of
the entire wetshaving community, thank you Ed! Here's to a long and
wonderful future for the Weber Razor company!

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