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Calling all aspiring Writers, Scribes, Reporters, Wordsmiths and Teachers!

UPDATE: Hi there Nook - let's hear from you! Even if you've expressed interest before or are working on your article, drop me a note. Thanks again to all of our talented authors!

As a reminder, most any topic is fair game but here are a few guidelines:

> No product reviews (they have a home of their own)
> Topics should be related to our little hobby but don't necessarily have to be limited to shaving. In fact, let's broaden it to anything related to grooming!
> Think "How do they do that?", "What's the best method?" or "What does that mean?". Also, "Where is that made?", "What else is interesting about that part of the world?".
> The Mod team will coordinate scheduling and review content prior to posting.

Post your ideas or willingness to help here or, if it's more comfortable, send me a PM. We Mods will periodically update this thread and choose new topics for the page.

Thanks Nook!!

Billy had posted this awhile ago and I figure it is time to post it again. Biggrin