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The Shave Nook is pleased to announce the next LE shaving soap for sale to members here, to be released on January 15, 2015.

[Image: ZJUyJdi.jpg]

Cold River Soap Works has established itself as a leading soap maker in a short period of time, with many successful releases of note.  Larry Jones conceived a special scent for this release, in collaboration with TSN.  Paradise is being offered in the acclaimed CRSW Select formulation, embodying all the features that make this soap one of the finest available on the market today.

From the soap maker's notes : A warm island breeze brings coconut, lime and tropical flowers across the soft sandy beach to mingle with a light musk, vanilla and exotic sandalwood.

This special shaving soap is a LE release, and will be available in limited quantities only.
Stay tuned for the official release of Paradise on January 15, 2015, at which time ordering information will be made available here.

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The Gestalt of Wet Shaving

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Good morning all,

Gestalt is defined as: something that is made of many parts and yet is somehow more than or different from the combination of its parts.
I would like to propose that it is the gestalt of wet shaving that is so rewarding. There are numerous postings about brushes, soaps, razors, music, scent, lather, etc. and it is when all these components come together that we have the shave to remember.

A quick comparison to music- Harry Pearson former editor of The Absolute Sound has written extensively about the gestalt of recorded music. Some of the terms bantered about include, palpability, staging, depth, scale, dynamics, soundstage, rhythm, pitch etc. Listening to a state of the art system (easily more than $100,000) you would probably say that it has all those characteristics in spades. Yet if your neighbor were playing a single guitar, it would be easily recognizable as “live”, superior to the mega system. You may have noticed that when you hear music from a distance, you can easily recognize it as “live” or recorded.

So it is with shaving. When all of my senses are in play the “task” at hand is rather enjoyable. I hear the music. I smell the soap. I see the lather. I feel the blade. I enjoy the time that I take. If I miss any of those my shave might be satisfactory, but that special something, will be missing.

Thanks for reading.