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In order to celebrate the New Year, I'm clearing out all of the user grade razors I've had stored in the bottom of a drawer for some time now. 

They are all user grade razors and I've given them a quick clean and polish. Some of them are stock razors and some of them are Frankenrazors.

I'm looking to give them way to a good home as a PIF. For those of you who may not know what a PIF is the idea is very simple. I send the razor to you for free and you then either pass the razor onto someone else for free or keep it and pass something else of a similar value onto someone else in turn.

Due to the cost of postage I will only be able to send them outside of the UK if the recipient agrees to pay the extra postage costs. 

This PIF is being opened up to members across two forums and each razor will be PIF'ed on a first come, first served basis (i.e. there is no drawing of a name at random at a future date etc) as doing a competition-style PIF would, unfortunately, not be viable given the amount of items on offer.

SB Razors
From L to R:

[Image: Merkur_zpsxpievqrx.jpg]

[Image: Merkur-2_zps003ijh9i.jpg]
1) Aluminium British Tech - PIF'ed
2) Unknown make German Razor - PIF'ed
3) British Travel Tech (the top-cap is brass and has come from a later model Tech, so technically it's a Frankenrazor) - PIF'ed
4) Bakelite Handled British aluminium Tech - PIF'ed
5) Bakelite British Razor (make unknown) - PIF'ed

OC Razors
From L to R:

[Image: Merkur-3_zpsool5038i.jpg]

[Image: Merkur-4_zpsuymd1oh1.jpg]
6) US Gillette OLD Ball-end - PIF'ed
7) US Gillette OLD (Non Ball-end style with crack in handle)  - PIF'ed
8) British Service Set NEW (with bent tooth) - PIF'ed
9) OC Frankenrazor #1 - PIF'ed
10) OC Frankenrazor #2 - PIF'ed.
11) Gillette OLD with an aluminium British Tech handle (Frankenrazor) - PIF'ed.

Cased OLD and Slim Twists
From L to R:

[Image: Merkur-5_zpsajpwjqqf.jpg]

[Image: Merkur-6_zps5p63xgvl.jpg]
12) British White Handled Slim Twist (with a cracked handle) - PIF'ed
13) Cased British OLD with Hollow Ball-end Handle (the handle has come from a NEW and the case is from the US so technically it's a Frankenrazor) - PIF'ed
14) German Blue Handled Slim Twist - PIF'ed

Ever Ready Stropper & Valet SE Razor

[Image: Merkur-7_zpsi06rdazb.jpg]

[Image: Merkur-8_zpszhwpmxwi.jpg]
15) Ever Ready Stropper - this has come from a Streamline Set. Unfortunately the Streamline handle was in 3 pieces so I've mated it with a generic Ever-Ready nickel plated handle - PIF'ed.
16) Valet SE (I'm not sure if this takes current production blades or not) - PIF'ed.

Spare brass top-caps

[Image: Merkur-10_zpsvdeqtsi5.jpg]

[Image: Merkur-9_zpsedux7gtc.jpg]
17) From a British NEW Service Set (round pin model)
18) From a British Tech - PIF'ed
19) From a LC NEW - PIF'ed

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It's the end of the year and there are two items I want to move out of my den.

First, it's a brand new Simpson Café Latte cream.  I received this free with a Simpson brush I purchased in November.  Simpson cream is a great product but I just don't care for the Café Latte scent.  For me there is no middle ground on this scent - you either like it or dislike it.  I opened it to check the scent, but a brush has never touched this cream.

Second, it's an almost new Merkur 33C razor.  This is the 3-piece model with the slim, short 3" handle.  It's the smaller version of the 23C, which has an equally slim but longer 4" handle.  I bought this intending to use it for travel, so I would not risk losing my preferred stainless steel razors.  I only used it on a 3 day trip, and decided I prefer my stainless razors too much to leave them home.

[Image: 8gM8O3a.jpg]

[Image: TavsOYx.jpg]

To enter just post that you're in and specify if you are in for the cream, the razor or both.  I'll pick the winners at midnight on December 31.  If there is more than one person interested in either of the items I'll pick a winner at random. 

Due to the cost of shipping, this is CONUS only.  Items will ship out Monday, January 4, 2016.