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Pedro Bermudez Presents the 2016 TSN Special Edition Taramundi Knife

The Shave Nook is proud to present a Special Edition Taramundi knife from famed Spanish Artisan Pedro Bermudez. Senor Bermudez made 50 of these very special knives for the Shave Nook forum. We expect the shipment to arrive in a few days and when it does, we will include a purchase link in this thread. There will be a limit of one knife per member.  You may purchase the knife


This classic design from the Teramundi region of Spain is a simple folder or peasant knife; it does not have a locking mechanism or a spring and relies solely on friction. The handle is made from black stablewood; a hard laminated and stabilized wood. The blade is forged from ACX380 Stainless Steel and the Ferrule is decorated and mirror polished. It is presented nicely in a leather sheath and will feel at home in your pocket.

Juan and Pedro wanted me to explain that because it is a friction knife, it may not be suitable for those who live in an extremely arid climate. Extremely dry conditions can cause the knife to loosen slightly. Unless you live in the middle of the desert though, you should be fine.

Approximate Dimensions:

Blade Length: 80mm

Total Length: 175mm Open and 95mm Closed

Weight: 45g

Price: $65.00

[Image: YAwHcqJ.jpg][Image: r5bVJ4N.jpg]