01-28-2013, 01:14 PM
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Would like to sell this as a kit if possible!

One Edwin Jagger DE89L with both the original handle and the new, current generation Weber stainless handle. Razor is flawless (used for 3 months) and handle is brand new!

Also including a tuber of Proraso Shave gel (used twice), Razorock King Louis Lavender Shave gel (unopened), Razorock Professional Shave lube (used once), and an assortment of blades:

10 Personna Blues (USA), 5 pack of Astra Platinums, one Trig, one Derby, and one regular Astra.

Asking $75 shipped CONUS, paypal fees included.

First sale here, buy I am paypal verified, and have years of perfect feedback on ebay (id is djh1201).

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