01-29-2013, 10:46 PM
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I'm beginning to finally settle into what I like, so I'd like to trade the following.
All of them are new and never used

Godrej Shaving Cream
VdH Luxury Soap (new in tub, no box)
Speick Shaving Cream
Colgate Mug Soap
2 Arko Shave Sticks

Here are a list of soaps (refills) I'm looking for (preferably new):

DRH Arlington
DRH Windsor
Mike's Barbershop
C&S 88 or O&C
AOS Sandalwood
C&E Sienna
C&E Nomad

There may be something I'm missing from this list, however, so if you have some stuff lying around your den and would be interested in making a trade, send me a PM and we can talk. The difference can be made up in any direction, although I'm really just happy to clear out what I'm not using for something I will.

I have vintage blades to trade as well.

Some things I'm NOT interested in: Cella, Tabac, MWF, Palmolive, RazoRock

Thanks for looking!

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 01-30-2013, 07:01 PM
  • GreekGuy
  • Not saving money yet....
  • La Jolla, CA
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I'm willing to trade as much as of this as I can fit in a small flat rate box for:

A new mike's barbershop in tin


A new 25g puck of C&S O&C

For example, I just put in a new tube of godrej, speick, and the 2 arko sticks, but I have a partially used Lea or Palmolive stick I could probably also jam in there.

Maybe I can see if I can cram some DE blades in there as well

This is CONUS only for shipping costs

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