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Recently found out my employment contract will not be renewed when it expires in a few months, so I will be clearing out as much as I can in the next few weeks and downsizing generally. First up are brushes and soaps. Aftershaves and more soaps will be probably listed in the future.

NOTE: prices do NOT include shipping. I have to pay the same rates as everyone else and there have been recent increases. My goal is ship the item to you in the quickest, safest, most cost efficient manner possible. The more you buy, the more likely you can save on shipping – I will use priority flat rate boxes where I can. Payment must be made by a verified paypal account and shipped to a confirmed paypal address. No e-checks delayed credit card payments or anything other than “instant” paypal. Shipping to the 48 Continental U.S. States (CONUS) ONLY. No trades, no international shipping.

NOTE: Having some minor computer issues, so pics will be up soon. PM for pics in the meantime.

Simpsons Duke 3 Best
• Great shape, used sparingly in a large brush rotation. A perennial favorite with good reason. $116 retail. Selling for $85.
Simpsons Tulip 3 Super 2-band
• Great shape, used sparingly in a large brush rotation. One of the best brushes I’ve ever used up there with great brushes from any brand, IMHO. Have to sell unfortunately. Current retail is $194. Selling for $140.
Semogue Boar Brush Lot – 2030B & 1250
• Two fantastic little boar brushes. Broken in but in excellent condition. Current retail for the pair is $42. Selling for $30.

Truefitt & Hill (Rooney) 1/1 Silvertip (Same as Rooney 1/1 Super Silvertip but extra stuffed)
• Another forum favorite. Get this and ditch your scratchy cheapo brush. This brush is in good condition. Retail is around $80, but I’m selling this one for $45.

Semogue 2015 Silvertip
• This is a great brush, but it has been well used, much more than anything else in this group. Still a ton of life left though, and beats the pants off an off-brand Chinese silvertip eBay special IMHO. If you’ve ever used a Vulfix brush before, I would say this is of similar density. Makes a great cream brush, or even a very good soap brush if you use the Marco method and don’t grind a dry brush into your soap. Great into to Silvertip. As a bonus I will include a free soap or cream of my choice. Retail is $65, but considering the condition I’m selling this for $22.


Art of Shaving Sandalwood (TALLOW) w/bowl 97% left
• Note, this is a TOBS bowl, not an AOS branded bowl. The bowls are nearly identical wood bowls except the TOBS is an ever so slightly a tighter fit with the AOS pucks. No issue getting it to fit though. Current retail is $46, and AOS isn’t doing tallow soaps anymore apparently. Selling for $33.

Taylor of Old Bond Jermyn Street w/bowl 97% left
• This is in a brown TOBS bowl, not the black one. The soap is the same great Jermyn St. that you get in the black bowl. I actually like the look of the brown bowl better, just my opinion. Anyway, with the bowl this soap retails for $29. I’m selling this for $18.

DR Harris Marlborough and Lavender Soaps w/WCS Tins 99% and 97% left
• $36 retail with tins, Selling for $22

Heatherfield VINTAGE TALLOW Shaving Soap – From late 1920s/early 1930s -98% left
• Rare vintage soap, the real stuff your Granddad would’ve shaved with. Due to the age, no scent is really left other than a nice clean soapy scent, but the performance is astounding. I purchased this unopened, NOS and have only used it twice. Usually vintage soaps like this go for a good amount on auction sites. I’ve seen them get to $40-50 easily. Selling this one for $30.

Plisson Shaving Soap with WCS Tin – 97% left
• Lather monster from France/UK. $29 retail with tin, selling for $16

Italian Soft Soap Lot! Including P.160, Cella, Vitos Extra Coco, Don Marco, and ‘Zi Peppino
• Huge lot here with tons of great soaps! All at 97% remaining. $44 worth of soap full retail. $22

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Pics would be helpful and encourage interest.

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I have the Semogue 2030B and it's a fantastic brush.

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 02-05-2013, 04:45 PM
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Heatherfield vintage tallow shave soap still available. Everything else SOLD.

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(02-05-2013, 04:45 PM)cvac Wrote: Heatherfield vintage tallow shave soap still available. Everything else SOLD.

Ahhh..Darn it...I just PM'd so you can disregard...

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