02-04-2013, 08:33 PM
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I have a few items that just aren't getting the love they deserve in my den. All prices include CONUS shipping.

1. GEM "G-Bar" single edge razor. Excellent condition, no brassing, opens and closes smoothly, holds blades securely. I just never warmed up to it. Includes my remaining blades (6, I believe.) $10 SOLD

2. Vulfix 660S Medium. A nice Vulfix super badger brush, but it's been supplanted by higher end hardware. Used a dozen times. $25. SOLD

3. Mama Bear Sandalwood & Vanilla in tub, used about half a dozen times. The smell is nice, but her sandalwood scent makes my nose itch. $10 SOLD

(Click the pics for a bigger version)
[Image: FnnkeH6l.jpg] [Image: evv565hl.jpg]

[Image: OThb0H0l.jpg] [Image: 2JqFh9Hl.jpg]

[Image: 31Pdfsml.jpg]

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