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I mistakenly ordered the RazoRock Napoleon's Violet soap from Italian Barber instead of the King Louis Lavender. Apparently I'm easily confused with historic French names Wink I suppose I could return it and exchange it for the Lavender, but by the time I pay for shipping to and from Canada, I might as well buy the Lavender and keep the Violet.

A bit of a long shot I know - but please PM me if you have a new or gently used King Louis and would be interested in trading it for my new Napoleon's Violet. The Violet smells great but I really want to try the Lavender. Or if you have a different lavender soap that's new or gently used I would consider that as well - although RRock is preferred.

EDIT -- Sorry just realized that the price for the Napoleon's is $9.99 and the cost of the King Louis is $15.99. Obviously I would be happy to PayPal the $6.00 difference if someone wants to trade to keep it fair. I assumed they were the same price but glad I checked.

Thanks for reading this! And remember, double check your orders, particularly when French history is at play. Rolleyes


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