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Just curious how some of you store multiple stones?

A while back I had found an old make-up box that was buried in the closet, just storing products my gf no longer used...so I stole it from her, filled it with high density foam, and made this:

[Image: HoneCaseOverall.jpg]

[Image: HoneCaseSide.jpg]

That's 2 Norton Combo stones and a Chinese 12k, each standing on their sides in slots down into the bottom foam. When closed the top foam compresses against them to hold everything perfectly snug.

My intention was to add a spot for my DMT where the blue line is, and that left ample room for a coticule and slurry stone where the red and orange rectangles are below
[Image: HoneCaseTop.jpg]
I was also going to cover the foam with fabric to make it look a little nicer, and also cover up that spilled makeup that look like blood all over the white inner hinge area lol

Since then I've purchased a Welsh Slate Tri-Hone Set (3 stones plus 3 slurry stones) and just received my first Coti w/slurry stone today.....so I needed something a little bigger

I picked this up off Amazon:
[Image: 51b6f3zGEBL._SL500_AA300_.jpg][Image: 51rH3aOhPrL._AA300_.jpg]
Zeikos ZE-HC36 Medium Hard Case
It's way bigger than what I need, but the smaller one was pretty small. I don't know if I would trust this case for my camera equipment, which is what it's usually sold for, but I think for stone storage it will be more than adequate.
There were other brands that could've offered more sizes, but this thing was WAY cheaper than the rest, and comes full already with grid cut foam Biggrin

I have to play with layouts and decide how everything will be before I start pulling foam, I'll snap some pics when it's done....in the mean time, anyone else here have cases for their stones to show off? I know a lot of people leave them out, or just stacked in tupperware, in drawers, etc....but space is a concern for me in this apartment, so it's nice to be able to put it all in one case than can be tucked away when not in use

A crappy camera phone pic of the layout I went with:
[Image: HoneCase21_zpsace58023.jpg]
Left, top to bottom
Norton 220/1k
Norton 4k/8k
Chinese 12k
Welsh slate 1 - "Welsh Thuri"
Welsh slate 2 - "Dragon's Tongue"
Welsh slate 3 - "Llyn Melynllyn"

Right, top to bottom
Natural Combo La Grise w/slurry stone
Whole lot of empty area
Slot for lapping films
Empty slot that will be filled when I get a piece of tile cut for the lapping films
DMT D8C 325

And now, after listing that all out, I'm kicking myself because I just realized this layout doesn't leave a spot for my stone holder Facepalm

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 02-08-2013, 01:42 PM
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Well, that is certainly protective!

I actually just display them on my bookshelf. So much easier than devising storage options. Biggrin

As for my everyday stones, they're always drying and in use so, no storage there. Wish I had a better solution, but to be honest, they're just sitting around the sink drying.

The other stones are in wooden boxes and I just stack them.

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LOL If I used them as often as you probably do, I'd deal with having them out too.
I do always leave them out a couple days to dry before putting them back in the case

The protection is overkill, absolutely, but nice to know I could move it around and not worry about knocking them together inside when it goes from laying flat to stored upright, or on its side even Biggrin

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Can't say I keep them in a bank vault.
I'm using them several times a day so I keep them in plastic shoe boxes filled with water ready to go.
They never have a chance to dry out as I've been keeping them this way for several years now.

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That is a great solution to the storage of hones. I live alone so I just shelve them until I need them. I do pack them with similar foam if I travel with a few to get together.
Just one suggestion, If you have some of the Naniwa Choseras, They can get a really weird water line if they are put away wet on their sides. It actually does affect the surface condition of the hone. I would suppose that the PH of your water supply may make a difference. Some hones are not to be stored wet. Your manufacturers' guides will tell you if your hone is that way.

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updated the first post with the finished project Biggrin

I don't have any Naniwas, but I always leave the stones out for a while, even after I think they're dry, before I put them in a closed case. I'd say it's a good rule regardless of what stone Cool

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Now that is a great box there, Daryl!

This is how I keep them. Under my shaving shelfs, on a towel.

[Image: 3517g3m.jpg]

I leave them to dry. When they are dry I lay some bubble plastic on top and shove them under the shelf.

[Image: 244tlp3.jpg]

Left to right:
La Grise coticule with slurry stone
Carborundum Aloxite barbers hone
DMT 325
Nani 1K
Nani 3/8K combo
Nani 12K

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I have the Naniwa SS in 1,3,5,8 and 12k, along with 2 coticules. I only hone for myself, so they don't get frequent use. I keep them on a shelf.

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I keep mine in two3 drawer organizers stacked if they are 7" or shorter.The longer ones normally I have stacked next to it. I use mine quite frequently so I don't have an out of sight storage like a closet or such.

[Image: IMG_7246_zpsf9a4b091.jpg]

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Thanks Robbin Biggrin Yeah, I would be fine doing something like you do, except that my bathroom is a little 6x6 cell with a wall mounted sink and the only shelf in there is an over the toilet unit that I put in.....and it's already packed LOL

Life2Short, another fine solution there for those that use them more often Biggrin

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