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First, thank you to Brian for sending me the Omega 599 Silvertip to try. Thank you Smile

Second, please take the time to read Brian's review of this brush here...

Omega 599 - Silvertip Badger spec's:
  • Overall height: 75mm
  • Base: 30mm
  • Loft: 45mm
  • Knot: 18mm (20mm at exit of handle)
Therefore this is a "small" brush on the small end of the scale...

[Image: DFMHYc6.jpg]

Omega 599

[Image: Ti8kA9w.jpg]

Omega 599

[Image: F9ubSfh.jpg]

Omega 599

[Image: crLGLvf.jpg]

(L to R) Omega 599, Omega 11047 handle fitted with The Golden Nib 20mm 2-Band Finest

As you can see the tips aren't "super" white, instead they're a nice natural looking creamy, white. The hairs are beautifully thin, extremely flexible and the tips are velvety soft. The silvertip hair making up the knot is of a high quality (IMHO). The knot might not be super dense, I would classify it as "medium" density, definitely not lacking in the hair department, but it's also not a dense wall of badger...

While the handle is small, its shape (curves) and girth make it surprisingly comfortable to hold and use. I experience zero problems using it while face lathering.

I used this brush for seven straight shaves, three with shaving creams, two with "soft" shaving soap and two with "hard" shaving soap.

I honestly can't say the knot is "small". Yes, it's only a 20mm knot, but with how the knot is put together it presents itself as a "full" size knot ie When using this "small" brush, you don't have the feeling of a "small" brush, instead the knot gives the sensation and operation of a "full" size knot. It really is something quite incredible from such a small package.

The brush doesn't exhibit a lot of backbone, some might even say it's floppy, personally I think that would be a little too harsh and unfair. It most definitely has enough backbone to pick up "hard" shaving soap without too many problems -- yes it takes a little more time compared to a denser knot or knot made up of 2-Band hair for example, but the increased time and effort isn't considerable (IMHO).

As I've already stated, the hairs are very fine and extremely flexible, add in the soft tips and you end up with a knot which has excellent flow through, and feels very soft of the skin. No scritch or scratch here. I guess you could call the feeling, "soft and luxurious".

From my modest shaving brush collection, the closes knot I can compare the Omega 599 knot to is the one found in my Vulfix 2234 - Super Badger. I can't say the softness, feeling on the skin is exactly the same, but the way the hair flexes and the flow through is near enough identical.

Wrapping up, the Omega 599 Silvertip won't appeal to those who prefer denser, firmer, scrubber, etc shaving brushes. But those who prefer velvety soft tips (with zero scritch and scratch) and incredible flow through will no doubt enjoy this "small" (but "full" size feeling) shaving brush. All in all a very! good "small" shaving brush (would make a superb travel shaving brush) that feels big enough to be an everyday shaving brush, if you happen to prefer "small" shaving brushes.

[Image: Ge38B9P.jpg]

Omega 599 Silvertip badger post-bloom

edit: It's "Omega" not "Oemga" in the thread title.

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Mike, thanks for the review and i hope you continue to enjoy the brush!

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 02-11-2013, 12:33 PM
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I've wondered what the Omega silvertips are like. Thanks, Mike.

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Good review Mike! I didn't go back to reread my review, but from what I remember they're fairly close.

I was actually amazed at how effective the brush was with hard soaps. I almost never even tried the brush because of the flexibility of the hair. I almost decided after unpacking it to put it back on the b/s/t. I remember thinking that it wouldn't be useable. I was very surprised at how effective it was and on that first lathering of a hard soap decided I'd keep it after all. Sometimes first impressions can be very wrong.

OK, I need to ask, since I sent the brush for you to compare to your reknot. Which do you prefer, and why? Or are they too dissimilar for a comparison?

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(02-11-2013, 01:10 PM)ShadowsDad Wrote: OK, I need to ask, since I sent the brush for you to compare to your reknot. Which do you prefer, and why? Or are they too dissimilar for a comparison?

Hi Brian

Because I'm lazy Tongue

Reply to Brian's PM sent a few minutes ago Wrote:Two very different brushes and I enjoy the feeling, experience from both (for different reasons).

I love the velvety soft tips and excellent flow through of your Omega 599. Makes you feel pampered in a gentle, relaxing way.

I also love the soft tips of The Golden Nib 2-Band Finest (definitely the best badger hair knot they sell at this time IMHO) and the gentle but firm scrubby feeling from the knot ie Backbone with good flow through, not a super dense wall of badger you have to fight with to get at the lather.

For such a small handle I amazed how comfortable it is to hold and use. The curves and girth of the handle just work for me perfectly.

I'm more than happy to send you my re-knotted Omega 11047 handle to try. I think you would like it, but also see how it's a very different brush to your Omega 599.

Take care, Mike

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