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Remaining moved to the soap trade thread.

Hi all,

First BST for me here at the Shave Nook. Tried this elsewhere as a lot and I either had it priced too high or the “lot” buyers were all snoozing Undecided. I've readdressed pricing, If the prices are off I’m up for comments.

The weights listed for soaps in the Ziploc containers are the total weight of the container with soap minus 16 grams for the container. All empty Ziploc containers with lid that I have were 14 grams so I figured using 16 would be conservative.

Also, my soaps and containers are all rinsed after each use, you will not receive a soap with badger hair or bristle etc. stuck to it.

Prices are Paypal only and include COUNS shipping.

Multi Purchases: Take 20% off each item when you buy more than one item. Multi Purchase price in parenthesis behind the first price. Buy 4 items and I’ll take an additional 10% off.

Thanks for looking,


  • Euro Classic Palmolive Stick grated and pressed into bowl. 98g remaining (= nearly 2, 50g sticks) $5 ($4)
  • Wilkinson Stick grated and pressed into bowl. 98g remaining (= nearly 2, 50g sticks) $8 ($6.40)

  • SOLD Mystic Waters Lavender & Lime pressed into bowl. 104g (3.66 oz of a 4 oz puck) remaining $7 ($5.60)
  • SOLD Manantiales de La Toja (Discontinued) grated and pressed into a bowl. 136g remaining. Will send the empty wooden bowl along in case you want to put it back into it. $35 ($28)

  • Fitjar Bergenskog Soap (Norwegian Fern) 62g remaining $15 ($12)

  • SOLD Razo Rock Mentolipto. Would say very very conservatively 50%-60% remaining (hard to tell because of large container it comes in, I have used this 8-10 times) $5 ($4)
  • SOLD Klar Kabinet. 184g remaining $8 ($6.40)

  • Woodbury Aftershave Talc. Estimate 10-20% remains in can AND Wheatly Talc for men. Estimate 40-50% remains in can. $5 ($4)

[Image: 28clu1e.jpg]

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A bump, and final lower cost option for a 3 soap lot.



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