02-14-2013, 02:36 PM
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Im selling a few items today not high end items but never the less good work horse razors, that dont need an introduction.

1. Gillette Long Handled Black Beauty date code is P2 for you Birth year fellows. The condition is great not mint but its good, there are a few marks on the head, no brassing anywhere. There is a mark on the handle the size of a pin head and thats all, it adjusts as it should nice weight to it.

Asking: $35 shipped CAN SOLD

2. Gillette Tech in Box, Comes with original Tech box, the box is in ok condition its all intact and covers as it should just the 4 corners on the top part have split but its ok. The razor its self is in great condition no marks or brassing anywhere, Its the made in Canada version not the English one.

Asking: $25-$22 shipped. CAN US add $3.50

3.Mint NOS Gillette Traveller Tech, I know this one is NOS because there is the original paper inside the razor head that says "replace card with razor blade" The case is Gold and has on the top stamped Razor N Blades. The condition of the case itself is great opens and closes perfectly. The only mark is on the top of the razor from the mirror when it closes it has left to smudge marks on the corners.

Asking: $45-$42 Shipped CAN US add $3.50

Shipping is included for Canada, USA or international pay actual shipping costs.

[Image: 1znstxd.jpg]
[Image: 18c9zp.jpg]
[Image: 14lrghl.jpg]
[Image: 15n2239.jpg]
[Image: 2zfn8g7.jpg]
[Image: 14kbrb9.jpg]
[Image: 2942m2s.jpg]
[Image: 8y517s.jpg]
[Image: s151ea.jpg]
[Image: 2elwcnb.jpg]
[Image: dcu786.jpg]

Will Sell the Gillette Tech and The Traveller together as a set for $55.00

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 02-14-2013, 04:30 PM
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Feel free to let me know if I am out of line on my prices.

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 02-14-2013, 07:03 PM
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Now $55 Shipped to US/Can for the Traveller and the Fat Tech.

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 02-15-2013, 03:53 PM
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Ive decided to keep the Fatty and the traveller for now, Please archive. Thanks.

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