02-16-2013, 01:31 PM
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I'm trying to gather up some items of interest via trade or purchase. Some items I have to trade include Muhle R41, Merkur Bakelite DE, Soaps (Trumper, Harris, QCS, etc), Colognes, Blades (Feather) and brushes, including a Thater 2-band and Simpson Chubby 1(2-band), RV custom, B&B Boar (1st run with blue/black handle). I'm interested in the following:

1) Bob Quinn (i.e., Elite Razor) DE razor - open to most handle materials that he has
2) Replated NEW open- or long-tooth DE head. I really only need the head, but will certainly buy a whole razor. I prefer a replated one, but am open to any that are in very good condition without plating loss
3) Open comb Merkur DE or Joris DE
4) Genuine horn shaving brush - can be by artisan vendor or well-known maufacturer
5) Speick shave sticks - at least 2 new ones

Just PM me any items and what you might interest you for trade purposes.

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 02-16-2013, 02:45 PM
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What a fantastic list you have Chris. The best of luck.

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