02-16-2013, 04:00 PM
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Time to move the stuff that I have not used in a while.
Shipping is $3 regardless of how many items you buy, which makes very good deals if you buy one item and killer deals if you buy more than one.
This is basic usps shipping. If you want a different carrier or to add tracking/confirmation/insurance - please ask for a quote.

[Image: 20130216_135418.jpg]

Weber Polished with Classic handle. Used twice. The head is perfect. Tiny manufacturing blemish on the handle, hard to capture on camera, you can zoom in on this link and it is on the right side of the image between the knurled sections.

Head: $35
Handle: $25
Both: $55 -- SOLD

All the Gillettes have all the plating intact or it is 99% intact. I did not shine them with MAAS but I believe they would sparkle if I did.
[Image: 20130216_135656.jpg]
[Image: 20130216_135730.jpg]

Slim adjustable. Good click on the dial. When I got it, it had the paint on the numbers, but I got over excited cleaning it and off it went, so I touched it up with a sharpie. The last 1/4 turn is a bit stiff. $18 --SOLD

40's Superspeed NDC. No issues $15.--SOLD

Flaretip. No issues. $13--SOLD

Black tip. Nice an shiny except for a black tarnish "ring" around the neck, which I couldn't get off. Otherwise really great shape. $14.--SOLD
[Image: 20130216_135739.jpg]
Sabi T3 with the heavy stainless steel handle. Like new. $12 --SOLD

Schick Injector, I think it is L model. Mint, including the cardboard back from the packaging. $15. --SOLD

Cased G injector which is in excellent shape. I believe it was NOS when I got it as it still had the dummy blade inside and I doubt someone 60 years ago would have bothered to keep a dummy blade let alone put it back in... $15 --SOLD

[Image: 2012-11-18+16.35.31.jpg]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=286236&stc=1&d=1353036408]
[Image: 2012-11-15%252012.01.02.jpg]
[Image: 2012-11-15%252012.00.48.jpg]

B&B Boar, "Smoke" handle. Used a 5-6 times. Not even broken in, but completely de-funked (and boy, there was a lot of funk there). I have big hands and I need a larger handle, but the knot is fantastic. Currently out of stock at WCS. $11 --SOLD

Muhle hjm black fibre. Did not use much. $15--SOLD

Wet shaving products. Black badger. I think this is as nice as black badger can get. I did 4-5 de-funking lathers and shaved with it only once. I like to face lather with circular motions and I should have known that black badger is not for that. $12.--SOLD

Whippedog silvertip (the one with the greenish handle). I am not sure about the size of the knot. It was sent by mistake. I used it only a few times. Very soft tips and creates a TON of lather in no time. $13 --SOLD

Cella. Used 4-5 times. As you can see, I barely put a dent in the "swirl". $4. --SOLD
[Image: 20130216_135449.jpg]

Palmolive Classic (purchased from westcoast shaving, so I guess it is the US formulation). Used 3-4 times.
$4. --SOLD

Rose of Bulgaria. Used once. $4. --SOLD

Note about Geo F Trumper tubs:
I only used a spoon to scoop out the cream, so in other words my brush *never* touched it.
These are amazing creams. I love the scent, glide and protection. However sometihng in the formulation does not agree with my skin, sadly.

Geo F Trumper Rose. Used once. $20

Geo F Trumper Coconut. The weight difference between it and the Rose (that was used once) is 26grams, which would put it at 85% full. $17. --SOLD


Lord Platinum. 14 packs of 5 = 70 blades. $7

Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum (Blacks Ninja). 10 packs of 7 = 70 blades. $16. --SOLD

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 02-16-2013, 04:34 PM
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Finally scored a Weber! Thank you Galhatz and good luck with the rest of the sale!

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 02-17-2013, 11:39 AM
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Added cased G-type Injector in superb condition

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 02-17-2013, 11:50 AM
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What is written on the cased G handle?

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 02-17-2013, 04:55 PM
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Childress Index.
It is a name of a newspaper in Texas, I think it was a promotional give-a-way if you get a subscription.
That paper still has a website, but it looks like they re-hash their items from the big agencies. I actually tried to emailed them but got no response.

I bought it from a Texas seller that had a few other just like that, I figure someone had them stashed in the attic for all those years, either a former employee or an avid newspaper reader that had to get 5 subscriptions.

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 02-18-2013, 02:27 PM
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Damn, I snoozed so I looooosed!

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