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I have a fine selection of aftershaves available for you gents. Since I wear cologne, I generally wear only unscented or lightly scented aftershave nowadays.

[Image: SAM_08351024x751_zpsc44afc74.jpg]

1) Osage Rub, a legendary mentholated aftershave that is terrific during the dog days of summer. This is probably 95% of how much was in the container when I bought it.
2) Pinaud Clubman, a wetshaver staple. Barely used.
3) Pinaud Special Reserve, a kind of leather-whiskey scent. Barely used.
4) Floid Suave, from Spain. Another (European) wetshaver classic. I'm guessing 90% used.
5) Pinaud Eau de Quinine. Technically hair tonic but used by many as an aftershave.
6) Ogallala Bay Rum and Sandalwood. Very nice stuff, this is a sample size bottle that probably has ~60% left.
7) TOBS Victorian Lime. Excellent, excellent lime that lasts much longer than GFT, T&H, etc. 70% full.
8) Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum. Barely used.
9) La Toja, another wetshaving classic. 80% full.

I'd like $85 for the entire lot, which includes shipping. CONUS only.

I know some people may only want a few bottles, but I'd like to try to sell all of this as a lot to save on shipping first. If I decide to parcel it out, I will let you know.

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OK, I'm going to split this up into two lots. As before, CONUS only because of shipping restrictions.

Lot #1 is the "luxury" lot. This includes:
- TOBS Victorian Lime
- Floid Suave
- La Toja.

$55 which includes shipping. (If you ask why so pricey - just the weight on these bottles is 2.5 lbs, and shipping will be ~$14.)

Lot #2 is the "budget" lot. This includes... well everything else:
- Osage Rub
- Clubman
- Pinaud Special Reserve
- Pinaud Eau de Quinine
- Pinaud VI Bay Rum
- Ogallala Bay Rum + Sandalwood

Weighed, this is 3 lbs 14 oz of aftershave. You'll be good to go for a while.

$50 which includes shipping. NOTE: If there are one or two items in this lot you do not want, let me know and I can reduce the price appropriately.

Update! I'm also willing to set this up as a trade. I'm interested in quality soaps/creams, lightly scented aftershaves, colognes, maybe even a brush. No razors please. PM me what you are interested in and what you have. I'm willing to throw in cash if needed.

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