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About 2 years ago I picked up this product at Big Lots.I took it home and put it up for use as an x-mas gift in the future.However the buddy that it was intended for decided to grow a beard and stopped shaving.So It sat on a shelf.Yesterday I decided to give it a shot.

The packaging is nice.Stamped metal tin painted blue with the grill of a mustang car in the center.Inside is a foam insert and a 3.4 oz clear glass ,chrome capped glass bottle.The liquid is an off light grayish yellow clear water like consistency.I paid 4 bucks for it then,I see it on line priced in the mid 20 dollar range.

In use ,be careful the bottle does not have a reducer and a good amount of product can splash out.The scent is of the aquatic/marine school.However it has a dark/dirty tone to it.Kind of in the vein of Larouche's Horizon.However Horizon is a crisper scent.Mustang Blue is a minerally,"dirty" edition of the aquatic school.There are 17 scent notes in this formulation according to info on various sites.This may explain why it is not as crisp as others,it seems muddled in an olfactory way.As an a/s it was soothing(although this was after a very smooth shave).The scent is a bit strong the first 30 minutes or so,eventually fading away about 75% or so.And it stays at that level for a long time and seems to project a bit.I could smell it the next morning.In fact I was tired of smelling it.Overall it is an okay scent there are better aquatics out there and i doubt that I'll buy another one.

Of course YMMV
my 2 cents worth.

So here is the rundown.It is soothing,great longevity,some projection but just an okay scent.

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