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I am wondering. I know we all say YMMV. But is that really the case or are our preferences akin to our skin types. The only way to figure that all out is to compare and calculate an outcome. This is not intended to be scientific but it may answer a few questions some of us may have. Plus I'm just curious as to an outcome.

This is where I'm going here:

I have a semi-coarse beard w/ mildly sensitive, oily skin. For best results I shave at 36 hour intervals. I get the best shaves with mildly aggressive razors. Super Speeds are too mild for me. Tech and Star DE works fine. My Fat Boy is set on 6...I like Pol-Silvers, Feathers, and Shark SP blades. Alcohol based aftershaves are just fine for me...

Lets just see if like skinned folks think alike. Those wanting to participate let's see how you compare..... HAPPY SHAVES !!!

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 02-23-2013, 11:05 PM
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I'm surprised you like the Tech, as it's milder than a Super Speed, unless you are talking about one of the early, pre-WW II Techs with triangular slots or an English Tech.

I have very sensitive skin, a little on the dry side, and a beard that isn't very dense but is very coarse.

My general rule of thumb has been to choose a razor for the skin and a blade for the beard. (There are exceptions to this rule, such as a very dense beard.)

I'm still experimenting for the best combination, as I always get some irritation from dragging a sharp blade over my skin, but I seem to do best with a very gentle razor (US-made post WW II Gillette Tech, second-generation iKon three-piece with safety bars, or a Feather AS-D1). I really like the Edwin Jaggers and the Webers, but they are both on the aggressive side for me.

I do best with one of the sharper blades, to cut easily through the coarse beard: Vintage Personna 74, Light Brigade Wilkinson Sword, Personna Med Prep/Hospital Use, Perma-Sharp, Super Iridium, Treet Dura Sharp. Unfortunately, Feather blades are too sharp and they seem to take a layer of skin without my even noticing.

I lather in a bowl because my skin doesn't tolerate on-site lathering. I like a wet, slick lather with minimal cushion. A more viscous lather seems to impede the cut, requiring the application of more pressure to the blade and resulting in more irritation.

For an aftershave, I mix a tiny bit of lather residue left on the skin with Thayer's Peach Witch Hazel.

- Murray

Edited to add: I determined long ago that the skin on my neck doesn't tolerate a daily shaving, so I shave three times a week. (I have had a beard for 40 years, so I only shave my neck and shape it a little at the cheeks.)

I think I need to try the cold water shave.

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 02-24-2013, 01:24 AM
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I would say that I have fairly sensitive skin and a mildy course beard. I typically shave every 24-48 hrs depending on my mood and the equipment I feel like using. I can daily shave with my Weber's and my iKon OC but with my many other more aggressive razors, I prefer to stick to the 48hr shaving schedule for the sake of total comfort. The biggest revelation that has allowed me to comfortably shave every day is cold water shaving. I thought for a long time that I had "extra sensitive skin" or that I couldn't face lather with some brushes because of irritation. It turns out it was the hot water that was destroying my comfort post shave. To keep my skin happy these days, here is my ideal set up that works really well for me.

Rule#1, cold water!!
Razors- Weber's or iKon deluxe OC.
Blades- Polsilver SI, Gillette silver blue, Astra SP, Feather on occasion.
Brush type- Three band super badger, two band super badger, HMW, two band manchurian (packed less densely to eliminate scritch).
Lather- I like a very thick, slick and protective lather. I prefer hard soaps but a few creams make my short list of ideal software.
Post shave- I always run an ice cube over my face post shave (it feels spectacular) and finish with a balm, never an alcohol based AS. I do use Clubman products and such but only as colognes, I never rub them on my freshly shaven face.

All in all, I can get a great shave from a Tech all the way to an OCMM. I just prefer to stay on the mild side and I always try and achieve the perfect shave every time. I don't consider a shave that has even a few weepers to be on par with my preferences (yes I am that particular) so sticking with my ideal "go to" combinations keeps me and my face very happy. Smile

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 02-24-2013, 02:07 AM
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I have a fairly coarse beard, mildy sensitive but oily skin. I prefer a moderately aggressive razor such as the Tradere SB or Vintage Bakelite Slant. I am starting to realize that Badger works better for me because every time I try Boar my face feels dry and kind of rough. I generally shave everyday and love alcohol based aftershaves. No way can I use a balm on oily skin.

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 02-24-2013, 06:04 AM
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I like 5/8 full hollow, creams instead of soap and use both alcohol splash (Aqua Velva), followed by a light balm. I prefer a warm water shave, but not hot and definately not cold. I've tried the cold several times, but I can't get good lather for some reason.

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 02-24-2013, 02:01 PM
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i have fairly sensitive skin and a very coarse beard. i get the best results from my Weber DLCs and Merkur Progress set at 2 or 3 with Super Iridiums. i use cold water, Mike's and Mystic Water soaps and unrefined shea butter.

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 02-24-2013, 06:23 PM
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My beard is very coarse, my skin is very oily. My skin is also quite uneven due to extensive scaring. I shave with both DEs and straights.

I use mild SB DEs like the Feather AS or the Progress set very low (1-1.5). I added an iKon OSS base plate to the Feather and get good results with that combination. I mostly use mild OC DEs like the Merkur or Old Type.

I am a beginner with straights and am at the stage where I don't get razor burn but I often nick myself trying to negotiate over uneven terrane. When I am successful, I get a shave equivalent to the Feather. Hope to improve to the point of a DFS which I get from my other DEs. I no longer even try for BBS as it takes too many passes and leaves the skin irritated.

I like my lather on the thick side for the cushion and I find I benefit from the Proraso pre-shaves.

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 02-24-2013, 07:01 PM
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My skin is oily yet dehydrated. It can be sensitive to chemicals & fragrance oils. I'm also very prone to weepers as my capillaries are superficial.

My beard is neither dense nor sparse, however, it is quite coarse.

I used to prefer shaving every other day. Now with the addition of a PreShave soap & better skin moisturizing from Unrefined Shea Butter at night I can shave comfortably daily.

DE blades are no joy for me. When these flexible ribbons of steel meet my stubble they vibrate/chatter & give me weepers everywhere. The thickness / stiffness / rigidity of the SE blade makes all the difference for me.

Best SE razors for me are the more efficient ones. Cobra Classic with a Feather Professional blade are hard to beat. I look forward to trying the CJB Kamisori style razor with these same blades. Other more traditional SEs that I prefer are the EverReady Streamline, GEM OCMM, & Schick E2 injector.

The best lather for me is an UltraLather. I pay money for quality soap to shave with, not water. I want all the benefits the soap can give me & I find this occurs with an UltraLather.

In summary here are the keys to my shaving enlightenment in the order that I learned of them:
  1. SE razors & blades
  2. UltraLather
  3. PreShave soap
  4. Unrefined Shea Butter

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 02-26-2013, 10:52 AM
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(02-24-2013, 07:01 PM)SharpSpine Wrote: DE blades are no joy for me. When these flexible ribbons of steel might my stubble they vibrate/chatter & give me weepers. The thickness / stiffness / rigidity of the SE blade makes all the difference for me.

I second that 100% on my case.

Furthermore, my skin is sensitive with extra hard hairs so SE performs better.
DE is ok but gives me skin irritation. As per other thread on forum I am in search for one NEW DE razor I could use from time to time.

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