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I am huge fan of Pyrate Cove soaps and have worked to spread the word of their awesome low cost soaps on another forum with a bit of success. Many folks have found these soaps to be not only an excellent value, but also excellent performers. Below is a semi-plagiarised review of Pyrate Cove soap, seeing as I was the one who wrote the original account I do not feel too bad about plagiarising from myself. Angel

I managed to stumble upon a great low cost soap recently and have nothing but good results and good things to report in regards to it. The soap is a glycerin heavy, melt and pour soap produced right here in Texas by the Pyrate Cove Soapworks. I was reading an old blog post by Leisure Guy about good quality artisan shave soaps when I noticed a comment from one of his readers about the Pirate's Cove Soapworks, which is a defunct domain name for a still currently produced shave soap. After a little checking I found a lot of good comments about this soap, so I went to their site and ordered up a few pucks. Their soaps cost between $3 and $4, depending on which scent you order. Currently the shipping is free and there are no taxes charged, so the price of the soap is all you will pay (Tom, from the Pyrate Cove, has told me that this nice little perk is only temporary and that they will soon have to charge for shipping, but at such a low cost per puck, a shipping charge is not going to take much away from the great value of this soap).

A little bit of forum sleuthing into the products of Pyrate Cove Soapworks will turn up two things. The first is that many new shavers used their incredibly inexpensive soaps as their introduction to wet shaving and still like them, even after branching out and trying other products. The second is that they used to go by the name "Pirate's Cove Soapworks" and that their former domain is off line. It's this second issue that caused many people to believe that they had gone out of business. This is not the case. The Pyrate Cove Soapworks simply have a new name and new domain, http://www.pyratecovesoapworks.com/ or http://www.pyratecovesoapworks.com/index3.htm if you are using a mobile device or have issues with the regular domain, a little googling will reveal this fact. The folks who did find the new web site had tons of speculation centering on the idea that the company had gone down and then changed their name due to legal or copyright reasons, but during a brief email chat with Tom, from Pyrate Cove, I asked him about this issue and learned what actually happened. This is Tom's response to my question about the name change:

"Oh Man! OK, I'm still not sure what exactly happened, but the old host I had vanished! Nobody knew at the time what happened to him & I haven't checked in over a year. There was tons of speculation but the reality was a lot of people were left swinging in the breeze. I drove by the business address that I was given & it was a Chinese restaurant! I couldn't even contact the host to request my site to be changed to another host. So I changed it the old English spelling & dropped the s in hopes people would do a search & maybe stumble on it. Several have & have spread the word.
With the economy the way it is & the site vaporizing, its been tough. I'm sure a lot of people thought the ship sunk but we're still making soap. It was tough hand to be dealt, but I just laugh about it now. That's about all you can do sometimes.
Just Pyrate luck I reckon :X"

So, how does this soap perform? Amazingly well. The soap can easily stand toe to toe with other soaps costing much more. My favorite scent is the Cucumber and Mellon, but all of the available scents are excellent. My first impressions of the Cucumber and Mellon were that it is strongly scented and feels very slick without being overpowering or greasy. The packaging is a simple tissue paper wrap with a Pyrate Cove Soapworks label on the front and another securing it in the back. The paper is kind of a pain to fully remove from the soap, but it's worth the effort. Properly loading up my brush with this soap took a bit more work than I usually have to put into it, but that extra effort resulted in a lot of slick and thick lather. The scent is pleasant and really comes out when you lather, but dissipates pretty quickly after the shave. Many of the comments that I've read in regards to this soap talk about the great scent, but mediocre lather; however, I found that with a little extra work this soap perform extremely well. There was pretty good cushion and the soap let my razor glide across my skin with no irritation, even using a three day old Voskhod (a blade that I normally find a bit harsh). I did have to refresh my brush after the second pass, but it took much less time to load a sufficient amount the second time around. Afterwards my skin felt glass smooth and had a faint, but pleasant cucumber scent lingering on it.

All things considered, I was very happy with this soap. With a little extra time dedicated to loading up the brush this soap performs beautifully and is worth much more than $3. This soap works amazingly as a superlather (especially with a Kiss My Face cream), but even without any other product added I highly recommend giving it a shot. At $3 to $4 per puck and with no taxes and free shipping how can you lose?

Here are some images of the soap (yeah, I know my sink looks rough...even after bleaching it I couldn't get those stains out, it looked a lot worse when I first moved in).




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(02-25-2013, 05:09 PM)Jabberwock Wrote: I am huge fan of Pyrate Cove soaps......

I looked at the website and they have a link on home page to a mobile friendly siteSmile

Can you share the ingredients in the soap?

(02-25-2013, 06:28 PM)jcall1975 Wrote: [quote='Jabberwock' pid='199690' dateline='1361840993']
I am huge fan of Pyrate Cove soaps......

Try scrubbing the sink with pumice.

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Where in Texas are these guys located?

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Well, the tracking shows the origin post office as Austin, so somewhere near there...I neglected to get that detail from Tom when I talked to him.

The ingredients are listed in the descriptions of the scents, but it's a pretty basic ingredient list, I would be surprised if it was complete. I'll have to get a hold of Tom and find out if there is a more complete ingredient list available.

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Thanks for posting. Just a few hours north of them, so I might order some this weekend.

This is the one I'm kind of looking at. Never tried a scent like it before.

Bay Rum & Lime Shaving Soap. is hand blended with pipettes using Bay Rum Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Rosemary Oil, and Vitamin E which are well known for their natural antioxidant & moisturizing properties. Rosemary Oil is a natural astringent.

They also have a menthol, that should be a big hit with some folks around here.

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 02-25-2013, 09:18 PM
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They have become fairly popular on my other forum. At $3-$4 per puck if you don't like them you're only out the cost of a couple of gas station hot dogs. I love these soaps and it always makes me happy to guide folks towards a good product that's flying under the radar.

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I also enjoy the Pyrate Cove soaps, great value and great soap.

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 11-08-2014, 04:31 AM
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I'm thinking about getting the menthol one.

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