02-26-2013, 10:14 AM
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QUICK UPDATES: ALL ITEMS SOLD! Thanks for looking! Please archive.

Hi everyone -

Final part in my epic den clearing. I've focused on brushes, razors, and now soaps and creams. Some goodies to be found here. As usual, the fine print and shipping discussed below.

(1) Czech and Speake Oxford & Cambridge soap in black bowl. Conservatively about 80% left (until just recently I could still see the writing on the puck). This has a beguiling smell, lavender with a minty/peppery-ness. Its a tallow soap and C&S has a great reputation. I purchased the puck and the bowl from Bullgoose for $53; I figure that $40 would be appropriate. NOW $30. SOLD! Thanks river1 and TSN!

(2) Old Spice vintage puck in Old Spice mug. Also conservatively about 80% left. I purchased this on eBay and the puck was NOS. I dabbed a little bit of bayrum on it because I like bayrum, but the smell has pretty much evaporated by now. I could still get a scent of OS, but really the star of the show is the mug; its in great shape, with no cracks or chips or anything. I figure that $20 would be a good price. NOW $18 SOLD!

(3) RazoRock cream/soap lot. S. Maria (90% left), Fresco (used once), and XXX (about 1/3 left). XXX has been discontinued, Fresco might be soon, and S. Maria is just a great cream. There's not much more to be said about these that hasn't already been said. I figure that $30 would be a fair price. NOW $25. SOLD! Thanks mcgils and TSN!

(4) Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm. About 3/4 left (you can see the line where the product comes to in the photo). This is a pretty unique non-alcohol/non-splash bay rum aftershave with all natural ingredients. Despite having no alcohol, it has a nice antiseptic sting that I believe actually comes from actual pimenta racemosa bay leaves. If you like bay rum but don't get along with alcohol splashes, this is a great product. Purchased new for $29, I think $18 would be a good price. NOW $15. SOLD!

(5) Captain's Choice Bay Rum splash. The original Captain's Choice splash, this has a nice scent, more spicy than other bay rums (the GH above would be more sweet). I've only used this a couple of times. I bought it new for $19 at a local store, so I think that $15 would be a good price. WITHDRAWN (I've decided to keep it)

Please feel free to comment on my prices in this thread. I accept Paypal and will try to get the post office within a day.

I will ship any item $20 or over via USPS Priority Mail with tracking, and any item under $20 via USPS First Class Mail (no tracking, but feel free to add $1 for tracking). For international buyers, I will have to ship at cost.

Thanks for looking,

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 02-27-2013, 12:04 PM
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BUMP! (sorry)

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 02-28-2013, 06:59 AM
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QUICK UPDATE: C&S now $30 (was $40); Old Spice mug now $18 (was $20); RazoRock lot now $25 (was $30); Gilbert Henry now $15 (was $18); and Captain's Choice now withdrawn (I've decided to keep it).

QUICK UPDATE: C&S SOLD! Thanks river1 and TSN!

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