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CONUS only via PayPal. All prices include USPS 1st Class shipping. If you want Priority Mail add $3.00. Tracking is always on me.

Proraso Green, (Eucalyptus & Menthol) $10.00 - Sold
Vulfix 1000A Pure Badger Brush $18.00 - Sold
Simpsons Special Best Badger Brush $35.00 - Sold

Proraso Green Tub used just once.

[Image: prorasog1.jpg]

My starter brush (New from WCS two months ago)... Vulfix 1000A Pure Badger. Not too scratchy, as a matter of fact, I like the Scritch this has. Exfoliates better than the Best and Silvertip brushes that came after it.

[Image: 1000a.jpg]

Simpsons Special 1 Best Badger. Recently purchased from WCS. It was listed as Special 1 (S1), though the brush isn't so marked.

[Image: simsp.jpg]

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