03-07-2013, 05:58 AM
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I've splurged a little in the past few weeks and want to sell off a couple of razors. I just soaked these in some scrubbing bubbles last night, so they're as clean as I can get them short of more aggressive ways. Prices are CONUS first class with tracking. Other options available via PM, though may take me longer to do as I'd have to go to the post office.

PM with any other offers. I'm not terribly interested in trading but will take offers, but I do want a jar of MDC or various Myrsol ASL's if those odd trade situation comes up!

[Image: E4QwDWhl.jpg]
[Image: uKZo1M0l.jpg]
First up is an E2 Fatboy in very good user condition. $35 Silo doors have some watermarks / flea bytes and and some paint loss on numbers/collar. Other than those bits this is very nice. So not a shelf/display unit but for day to day use it's awesome. Only reason I'm getting rid of it is I found a good deal on one that's slightly better shape and since Fat Boys aren't my favorite I'm going back down to one.

[Image: Sl7XxT3l.jpg]
[Image: pK0aRDBl.jpg]
[Image: 0BU9TLAl.jpg]
[Image: QZ3skaNl.jpg]

Aristocrat is gone...

Next is a 40's style US Aristocrat. $25 Nice razor but I've become hooked on English made razors lately so this guy has fallen out. The gold plating is mostly gone, but has both endcaps and I don't believe any exposed brass. I was going to get this guy replated someday but it's just not getting any use...

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Gone elsewhere, this thread can be closed.


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