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I have the following items to trade. I'm open to any offers but am definitely interested in RazoRock soaps (espcially S. Maria), Harris soaps, Astra SP blades and Cella. However, please shoot me any offers you might have as all will be considered.

1. ALL BLADES ARE PENDING SALE/TRADE - 300 Feather blades in sealed packs. If no one want to trade on the blades, I'll sell them for $28 per 100.
[Image: alabamalawyer-albums-misc-pics-picture12...eather.jpg]

2. Trumper Rose soap/bowl (about 65% remaining) and two NIB pucks. This Trumper soaps lather without any problems.
[Image: alabamalawyer-albums-misc-pics-picture12...rprose.jpg]

3. Blade Sampler - includes all the pictured blades. The Feather, Personna Platinums, Wilkinson Sword, Super Iridiums, Lord Platinums and Treet Dura Sharp packs have never been opened.
[Image: alabamalawyer-albums-misc-pics-picture12...e-samp.jpg]

4. Various other items. The Krampert's Finest, Vitos Mentolo and RazorRock shaving lube have only been used a couple of times. The Floid atomiser has been used a couple of times on a bottle of Italian Floid and the Pashanan Hair Tonic has about (85%) left.
-Krampert's Finest is PENDING
[Image: alabamalawyer-albums-misc-pics-picture122957-addon4.jpg]

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