03-09-2013, 06:40 PM
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We have finally unveiled the first batches of the Stirling Smooth shave soap line. You absolutely will not find a better lather at this price ($5 per puck) without it drying out your skin and smelling like embalming fluid. Frankly, you will be hard pressed to find a better soap period once you get it dialed in. The main tweak is each soap now contains 5% lanolin to go with the 5% Shea. Also, the ratio of KOH to NaOH has been adjusted to make the puck easier to lather. What follows is the same slick shave the Gen 5 soaps offered, with the added "lather porn" quality that purists demand. Also, they are natural and good for your skin. No propylene glycol (the stuff found in anti-freeze), no sulfates (used as pesticide), nitrosamines (carcinogenic), or parabens (affect hormones and decrease sperm count).

Styles available now are as follows:

Black Cumin and Orange
Lemongrass and Cajeput
Naked and Smooth
Tea Tree
Scots Pine Sheep

Go to http://www.stirlingsoap.com for full descriptions of the soaps and to place an order.

I've also got Gen 5 left in Clove, Lime, Ozark Mountain, Tuscany, Lavender Sage, Bacon, and Sandalwood. I'll throw them in with any order of $15 (product price excluding shipping -- any product, not just shave soap) Just email me or message me here and let me know what you would like to add on.

I'll be adding another video to YouTube soon for these, but in the meantime, but for now, the attached photos are made with the Naked and Smooth from the Stirling Smooth line.

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 03-23-2013, 12:59 PM
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Sharp Dressed Man is now back in stock in the new Smooth line of our shave soaps. SDM is our Green Irish Tweed facsimile. At the request of a couple of customers, we've increased the amount of fragrance to give it some more sticking power. More scents are on the way for the new Smooth line, and I'll get another video up once my voice returns. Oh, and I've replenished the supply of Naked and Smooth. Should have Tuscany back in stock within a few days.

Also, we've added Pina Colada and Honeysuckle to our lineup of bath soaps. If you've yet to try our bath soaps, you won't find a better natural soap at the price point.

Go to http://www.stirlingsoap.com for more details on our full product line, and don't forget to find us on Facebook for updates and specials.



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