03-09-2013, 07:45 PM
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I wanna sell my tony miller English bridle strop that is 3inches wide it's a beautiful craftsmanship and a wonderful work of art I don't have anymore straights anymore all I di now is clean them and sell them so I can save money for my custom razor. It has jus a few nicks nothing terribly I'd like 75 for it and that includes shipping and it has genuine cloth.
[Image: 4C352573-2DC1-4BF3-8B68-85842E726BF1-195...B46AC1.jpg][Image: D95A8981-26A5-40C9-804E-F8D55ED99BA8-195...477D0A.jpg]
[Image: 7A27AA6B-27FA-443A-B308-C97CE749686C-195...703E40.jpg]
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