03-09-2013, 09:26 PM
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Hello everyone.

I'm currently trying to trim down the den a bit by offering some things up for trade that I know that I will not use. I have way too much software (don't ask) and not surprisingly too much good stuff in my den does not get used. I already have some favorites and rather than let these things go unused, I'd like to get some backups of the favorites or try out a few new things. My goal is cut down on the number so I might be reaching a bit. At the moment I do not intend to sell any of this because I'm doing my best not to buy anything new. I might put a price on the lot if someone is interested in the lot.

Proraso White: about 90% conservatively
Proraso Green: about 90% conservatively
L'Occitane Cade: New in wrap
Speick Stick: new
2 NOS Williams pucks: one's beecham and other is the new jersey (sorry don't have them at hand to recall the exact name)
Colgate puck: also NOS
Olivia's Rose Cream: about 95%. a soft soap of sorts with a great rose smell and great performance.
TOBS Avocado: about 75%. It has shifted so not sure if it's right. let's say 50% to be safe.
SCS Sandalwood. The guy I bought this from said this was bought when Sue was still with us.
2 tubs of Valobra: one in an AOS container about 95%. The other is in a wooden bowl and has dried out some. Still performs great.

What am I looking for.

The hail-Mary's (i.e take it all for one of these)
tallow trumper or pens refills
mdc scented

tallow AOS sandalwood with/sans bowl
dr Harris Arlington
C&S o&s or 88
Other AOS or Harris scents
RL safari

I know that some of this is reaching so feel free to low-ball me.



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 03-11-2013, 05:58 AM
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Cade SCS and TOBS have been traded. Take the other 9 soaps for $63 shipped.

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 03-23-2013, 09:34 AM
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a 2 week bump.

9 soaps left, take them for $55 shipped or I'd be happy to trade some of it for the following:

AOS refill pucks (pref tallow and you can low-ball me, but I'd take newer stuff too)
C&S O&C or 88
Harris refills (windsor, arlington)
Trumper refills (sandalwood or coco) - newer stuff would be better as it seems like the recent batches have address the problems

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 05-19-2013, 01:48 PM
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PM sent!

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