03-12-2013, 12:17 PM
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I sell all this in one great package.
I'm from Denmark, so preferably sell inside Europe.

Will sell all 4 frags for €80 shipped though

But please tell me if this deal is not very fair priced

1 100 ml EDT Spray Givenchy Gntleman, 90% full
1 125 ml EDT Spray Guerlain Vetiver, 90% full
1 100 ml EDT Spray Kenzo Pour Homme, 99% full (including the Box)
1 100 ml EDT Spray Lomani Pour Homme 90% full
1 Mühle Sophist limited Ediotion Golden White Porcelain brush 24 mm Silvertip Badger brush, used once - hues, once (I own 48 badger hair brushes currently) - comes in a nice gift box coffin and includes a Mühle travel box for the brush.
1 Truefitt & Hill Rose shaving cream 190 ml, 99% full.
1 Pro Shave ceramic 2-piece Scuttle, 14 cm wide, 12 cm tall.

Brush is bought at the Mühle Online shop, receipt is in my possession.

Price: €150 shipped to a lucky person inside Europe.

See pics here:

[Image: 73e1z7.jpg]
[Image: 29o4vvp.jpg]
[Image: 2n7ia2o.jpg]
[Image: 33xu06b.jpg]

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