03-14-2013, 10:25 AM
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Another with polished blade, Black Palm scales with an Elk antler wedge.

[Image: 6aD4SEK.jpg]

[Image: 8EzWmte.jpg]

[Image: nRiKWF6.jpg]

[Image: lPk8rEW.jpg]

[Image: hHu1gCS.jpg]

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 03-14-2013, 10:39 AM
  • mikeperry
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Hi Mark

With the blade in the closed position, the razors appears very streamlined and slick looking... I imagine the Black Palm scales change colour and appearance quite a bit depending on light source and direction.

Take care, Mike

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 03-14-2013, 10:44 AM
  • Agravic
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Beautiful scales ... very nice!

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 03-14-2013, 11:58 AM
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When designing scales and especially fitting the wedge , it's important to me how the top of the spine matches with the top edge of the scales. I like them to flow together and keep a linear look. Small detail but I'm happy someone noticed. The wedge controls this aspect of a razor.

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 03-14-2013, 03:54 PM
  • OldDog23
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stunning scales ! see what you mean about the "flowing" lines of the spine and scales.
very handsome effect !

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 03-14-2013, 08:28 PM
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Mark, how do you choose the scales for each razor when they are not requested? Intuitively?

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 03-14-2013, 09:13 PM
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It's a collaboration. I have an idea of what I think would look good, the client has seen something and we go from there.
I then draw up several styles of scale patterns that I think would compliment the blade design as well as material.
Many times at this point they just say "Mark , do what you think is best, you're the artist".
And it works. If they don't like it. I build something else.
The other detail about this blade is the wedge end of the scales matches the profile of the tip of the blade.
And if it's a dead on resto I copy the existing scales either from the clients razor, or if they're missing, ones from my own stock in a pattern I know went with the blade. Whip out the vernier caliper and have at it.

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 03-21-2013, 01:56 AM
  • ben74
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Those scales are outstanding!

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 08-16-2013, 05:41 PM
  • DonR
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That's a nice razor! Enjoy the shaves.

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