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If you have a Tradere SB razor in excellent condition and you want a Cobra Classic we could trade?

My Cobra Classic is in excellent condition, no faults whatsoever, comes with 1 full pack of blades (you have the choice of Feather Guard blades, Feather Professional blades or KAI Mild blades. Or I can give you several blades of each type so you can test them all). (Prefer within Europe to avoid custom fees but will consider others).

I have a Omega 10098 Profesional brush and a Omega 10019 boar brush that I'm willing to include in the package (because I have more then one of each). Signed for package with tracking (expect the same from you).

There was one gentlemen who actually proposed this trade a while back but I declined at that time as I thought the SB would not be a razor for me. Since I've had one on loan and I like it (unfortunately I can't find back who was the person who made the offer)

[Image: cobra-classic-1.jpg]

[Image: cobra-classic-2.jpg]

[Image: cobra-classic-3.jpg]

[Image: omega-10098-professional-brush.jpg]

[Image: omega-boar-brush-10019.jpg]

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