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Hi All,

My preferences are changing a bit in my den, so some items are being offered up to free up some room. Prices are for PayPal and include CONUS shipping. I will consider non-CONUS for buyers who buy multiple items, but PM me for extra shipping cost.

For multiple items you can take $2 off for each item after the first item (example: buy 2 items get $2 off, buy three items get $4 off, buy 4 items get $6 off, etc.). I can probably save a little by shipping the soap without the Ziploc bowls, so I’d take a $1 off each order that has multiple items if you do not want the Ziplocs (I’d put the soap puck in a labeled and sealed baggie).

The weights below were obtained by popping the soap out of the bowl and weighing on my kitchen scale.

I’m willing to work a trade for ATT M1 base plate and or a well cared for Semogue 2011 LE Badger size 2.
  • Withdrawn Dr. Selby 3 X Concentrate Lavender – 105g of 125g (84% remains)
  • SOLD Dr. Harris Arlington – 80g of 100g (80% remains) $12
  • SOLD Pre de Provence – 148 of 150 (98% remains) $13 $11
  • SOLD L’Occitane Cade – 4oz of 3.5oz (110% remains) This is actually a new puck plus part of a puck both grated into a puck $11
  • SOLD Speick Sticks – 2 unused in box and one used 3 times $12 $10
  • SOLD Sealed Unused Vintage Old Spice - $28 $26
  • Withdrawn Currier & Ives Shaving Bowl by Williams (Glastonbury era soap) - Unused, still has faint scent. Bowl and label in excellent condition.
  • SOLD Vintage C&E Mysore Sandalwood (92g) $10 $8. Still smells like Sandalwood
  • SOLD Vintage Seaforth Heather (98g) $10 $8. The Seaforth has a very light heather scent but also has that wonderful old soap smell ;-)

Soaps below offered as add on to other orders (or take it alone and add $3 for shipping). These items do not count towards additional item discounts.
  • SOLD Palmovive – 2 Sticks Grated into a Puck – 98g of 100g (98% remains) $2

[Image: 7X4ppkz.jpg]
[Image: kBJttoB.jpg]
[Image: db5tlEA.jpg]
[Image: pU7MbLk.jpg]

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Fantastic prices GLWTS.

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 03-16-2013, 10:13 AM
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Bump - and reduced prices.

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One last bump.

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