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I have these two wonderful Gillette Open combs for sale. I have settled on New Long Comb and Big Fellow (New Improved) for my vintage OC tools. Prices are including shipping in CONUS. Payment via PayPal.

--SOLD-- First, the Gillette Old. I bought this razor with a broken handle and almost unused head. I have repaired the handle and fully stabilized it with epoxy. This handle still shows the cracks, but is rock solid and slightly heavier because it is literally full of epoxy. I would like to get $18 for it.

[Image: 5I3vtu1.jpg]

[Image: 7WiJ3B8.jpg]

[Image: dggEjJa.jpg]

[Image: apBBkP0.jpg]

--SOLD-- Next is a very nice New Short Comb. It is two tone. Brass and copper. Very shiny and clean. Bar end handle, no cracks in this one. Comes with a tattered case. Not sure if this case belongs to this razor, but I will include it. Would like to get $23 for this one.

[Image: 2rFPNqE.jpg]

[Image: jrXiros.jpg]

[Image: qVRQgbJ.jpg]

[Image: 6o0Ciza.jpg]

[Image: 4wW9IDA.jpg]

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