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The Shave Nook likes to think that we are buying among friends and fellow wet shaving enthusiasts. However, by using the Want To Buy (WTB) forum, you are agreeing to our "Caveat Emptor" (let the buyer beware) policy. This means the administrators, moderators and The Shave Nook are not responsible for possible negative outcomes that may result from buying agreements made in this forum.

Basic Rules

1. Same rules apply here as with the selling or trading ads, requires 45 posts and 30 days of membership. Members banned at other forums for improper sales or buying will not be permitted to buy here.

2. No 3rd party buys. In other words, you cannot post an ad on behalf of someone else. If that person wants to buy, they will have to become a member and post the ad themselves.

3. Sellers may not request Paypal Personal Payments (e.g. gifts) as a part of WTB transaction. Prices should include all fees.

4. The Want To Buy forum is not your personal shopping list. While this is a bit ambiguous, your buying (or selling) privileges can be taken away if you abuse this benefit.

5. In the event of multiple buyers for the same item, no auctions or links to live auctions (eBay) are allowed by the Seller. Pricing is between the Buyer and Seller and should be handled via PM or email.

6. Thread Bumping. Members may "bump" their B/S/T thread a maximum of once per 7 day period (i.e. once a week max).

7. Buyers should edit the title of their thread to reflect completed status when an item is sold.

8. When you complete your purchase or decide to end your ad, please contact a Moderator or Administrator so we can move the thread to the Archive. We want to retain all threads so people can research activity for a particular item.

9. Shavenook.com offers no guarantee with respect to member to member buying. Any dispute arising should be settled privately between the parties concerned.

10. Buyers may choose from whom they purchase their items and are not required to buy from the first responder.

11. WTB threads should be as descriptive as possible. When helpful, reference photos are encouraged. Product condition, amount of product left, and any other desired requirement of the item should be included in every thread.

12. Items that pose a possible health risk cannot be requested or traded on this forum. This would include items that come in direct contact with blood and that also cannot be easily sanitized such as used alum.

13. Tobacco, alcohol, firearms, and products of questionable taste or dubious legality may not be traded on the Shave Nook.

14. These guidelines may be amended by The Shave Nook as the need arises.

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