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Re: the subject line, Not new Omegas as in new to the Omega line, only new in my cabinet.

Lately I've been on a tiny brush kick; travel brushes. One of these would definitely fill that requirement, but I think the other would also.

To put these new brushes into a larger perspective see my review of travel brushes >>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

They are the Omega 40033 Wide Waist Might Midget(WWMM) and the 50068 Bambino. I got them both for less than $7 each.

[Image: DSC03918_zps24fccbd1.jpg]
From L-R, Omega 50014 Travel boar, 40033 WWMM, 11047 hybrid MM, 50068 Bambino, and the Simpsons WeeScot. The respective travel tubes (Rx bottles in the case of 2) are behind the brushes.

I'll cut to the chase... You've already gotten much less for $7 than if you were to acquire these brushes. They are a fantastic value.

The 40033 Wide WaistMight Midget

This is not billed as a travel brush, but since it's a Mighty Midget it can't escape that connection. I don't have a tube (Rx bottle) it can fit into yet, but I'm going to ask around to see if I can find one.

The bristle is blonde and stiff as it's received new. I figured I had a "typical" break in period before I'd use it. In one lather the brush was broken in- UNBELIEVEABLE! I discussed this in another thread. Omega is treating their boar hair with a process that speeds break in by a remarkable amount. Good going Omega! Kudus!

FWIW, the Travel Boar pictured above (not reviewed here) also broke in just as effortlessly, as did the Bambino.

The knot is a full size boar knot, the handle is diminutive. The handle is also hollow as are all of the really inexpensive Omega brushes that I've handled. Hey, what do you want for $7? Is it ugly? I don't think so. When the brush bites the dust, toss it and buy a new one, no need to reknot. Your $7 bought a great knot and a handle that's useable.

It's dimensions (not to published specs, but to my calibrated eye and a ruler); knot, 22 x 48 mm; handle, 32mm D x 35mm H .

The knot holds no surprises at all. It's a very nice and practical Omega. The brush is a keeper. It's exactly what I expect from Omega. Frankly, I have no idea how they make such a useable brush for the money spent. It's not a brush you'll show off, it's a brush to be used, save money by buying, and if it gets lost while traveling it's no big deal.

OK, so what about traveling with it? I have no doubt that a minor expedition to the local vet or pharmacy would scare up a bottle that it would fit in. As you can see in the photo, the knot is full size and the handle is larger than the typical Mighty Midget brush, so it will need an bigger bottle. The pill bottles pictured to the right won't even come close to fitting it. The right one needs more width but the height is about right - just.

This brush would be every bit as good as an everyday brush in addition to being a travel brush however. It's a very practical and confortable brush for face lathering. It's entering my rotation as such. Frankly I don't care if I ever find a travel tube for it.

Omega 50068 Bambino

I don't know that this brush is billed as a travel brush either, but as you can see in the photo, it would easily fit inside one of the Rx pill bottles pictured, so I'm including it among that crowd.

It's a handsome little tyke. Mine has a black handle, but it also comes in white.

It broke in just as easily and rapidly as the WWMM above, so obviously the bristles were treated. Size wise, it's a bit larger than the WeeScot, but it's by far the tiniest Boar I possess and have ever seen. Don't let that throw you though, it will hold it's own as a face lathering brush. (That was the cut to the chase comment for those who don't like to read).

Physical specs as seen by my eyeball and the very same ruler used above; knot, 13 x 44/45, handle, 26mm D x 28mm H. It's a tiny boar!

Despite it's size it is quite capable. I lathered BurmaShave soap and had no surprises whatsover. One must have really good feel for the brush so as not to mash it because there isn't much knot there pushing back and preventing mashing, but that goes for any small brush. It easier to use than the WeeScot (the comparison was inevitable) but neither poses any problem if one has any experience whatsoever.

I haven't used these brushes with creams or croaps, but my experience tells me that these brushes won't have any problems with either. They are so nicely behaved. They're awesome! Now factor in the $7 price and I can't understand why I haven't heard of these brushes before a week or so ago when Shaun mentioned them. What's up with that!?

Omega just continues to hit ball after ball right out of the ballpark. If you like boar brushes and keep in mind the size, I don't understand how you can go wrong with either, or both, of these. Just awesome.

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 03-27-2013, 04:16 PM
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Nice write-up Brian. Thanks.

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 03-28-2013, 01:18 AM
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Thanks for the review Brian, I'm waiting for my 11047 MM to arrive...

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 03-28-2013, 07:38 AM
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I currently own the 40033 wide waist and it is my current favorite Omega the size and ergonomics just work! I used to own the 10086 which is the Bambino's taller brother, the only difference is the handle is a little longer than the 50068. This brush didn't do it for me, the knot just felt too small. In fact it was this brush that helped me decide that 20mm is the smallest brush that I will own. Saved me from buying a Wee Scott which I'm sure would have been quickly sold as well.

Thanks for the reviews!

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 09-22-2014, 11:10 AM
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I couldn't help but get a Bambino when I was in Pasteur last Friday...just $4.24 with tax! I've been giving it the Teiste palm-lathering break-in treatment for the last couple of days. After one more day of that, I will give it a proper trial.

I also want the 11047, but the one example Pasteur had turned out to have a broken handle. They're re-ordering them.

The "Bigger Bambino" (10086) was in stock too, along with a host of other Omegas. Their line of brushes seems almost innumerable.

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 09-23-2014, 08:48 PM
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Let us know how you like it Rory.

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 09-24-2014, 02:03 AM
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I like it. I used it this morning in combination with Dettol Cool cream, face-lathering. The way it's constructed, Il Bambino does not splay. It also doesn't really whip up lather the way a bigger brush (such as the Semogue 620) can. I got enough for two passes, both of which were thin coats...but I was able to milk a surprising amount out after that, which provided more than enough for a touch-up pass under the chin.

I'm going to experiment with other products, such as the La Toja stick, to see if I can get more lather. I'd welcome any input. Maybe it's a matter of a little more time (I did dip the tips in water just a little). I imagine that once it's broken in more, retention will also improve. However, the positive of less lather was less fiddling around.

The small size also means defter application: less cream getting into nose and ears, as can happen with the Omega 48. I don't have big hands and so did not find grip to be a concern. On that basis, I'll also try bowl lathering.

After rinsing the Bambino, I gave it a few wrist flicks and a wipe on the towel, and already it was nearly dry.

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 09-24-2014, 05:46 AM
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I saw many Wide Waists for sale at Mustafa's in Singapore...and they were even cheaper there. I stocked up on Tabac shaving sticks, though Smile I bought um, 8 ha ha. Giveaways to friends. I already have two of the Wide Waists, and they are everything Brian says they are. Handle's a bit, you know plasticky transparenty thinger, but handsome in its own way. Ergonomically pretty good really. Great soap brushes.

Oh and here's a link to an earlier thread on little brushes. Check out my Hardright 'Bon Voyage'. I took it with me to the UK and Paris recently:


Oh, and check out the Souplex "Weeny" as I call it Smile :


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 09-24-2014, 05:57 AM
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An old college buddy used to refer to very pretty, very petite women as "morsels".

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 09-24-2014, 03:54 PM
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My Wee Scot travels with me in a pill bottle all the time. Excellent write up.

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 09-27-2014, 08:31 AM
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The new Bambino really came into its own today. It now splays and holds a lot of lather...easily three passes. I paired it with the LEA shave stick.

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 09-28-2014, 07:01 PM
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Excellent! I'm amazed every time I pick up the ultra tiny brushes; just how effective they are. My Bambino is coming up in the rotation in 2 or 3 shaves.

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