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Hi Shave Nook,

I have several items that do not get used regularly in my den or are backups, and I hope to pass them along to someone who would appreciate them. I would like to sell everything as a lot, and I believe I have priced it accordingly to do so. All items are exceptional in my opinion, though the Arko may be debatable. Wink

Asking $35 shipped CONUS for everything. (The two RazoRock aftershave waxes alone would cost that much with shipping.)

*Pre de Provence Shave Soap in tin. Use twice. Lettering still on the puck.
*Calani Highland Honey Shave Soap in tin. Used half a dozen times.
*Arko Shave Stick. New and unused.

*RazoRock Original Aftershave Wax. New and unused.
*RazoRock King Louis Aftershave Wax. New and unused.
*Proraso Sul Filo Del Rasoio Aftershave Cream. 90% left in tube.
*Lucido Aftershave Lotion. 75% left in bottle.
*Simpsons Aftershave Balm. Used once.

Also included in a partial bottle of Pacific Shaving Company Shave Oil - probably 60% left in the bottle - and several other extras I have in the den.

Please PM if you have any question. Thanks for looking.
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