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Vie-Long 16510 in 2-band badger, short-loft version. It's listed as 25/50, and this one measures pretty much dead on by my calipers. Nice, big bloom but it feels smaller on the face due to the bulb shape and great backbone. If you like a little scritch, this one's for you. This is my favorite brush from a performance standpoint, but I have a custom that is almost as good and gets a boost from the sentimental value.

Bought from Gifts &Care in January. Will come in its original box with the plastic stand. $85 shipped SOLD, and that includes your choice of one of the following...

Savon du Midi Orient
Mike's "Barbershop"

The SdM is an amazing performer, but is pretty much unscented. I just don't reach for it because of that. The Mike's comes in a screw-top amber jar. It was listed as Barbershop scent when I bought it, but it doesn't smell like the sample of Barbershop that I had. Pretty much just smells like Play-Doh to my nose. I'm not sure if the scent just dissipated or what. Either way, still performs like Mike's.

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