04-01-2013, 06:58 PM
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Hey all.
So I'm new here. I have been lurking around the forum for a little while now and reading and reading and reading....I joined the forum a couple weeks ago, maybe more, I don't remember exactly.
It just amazes me what types of forums are on the great WWW and go figure there's a forum for that too...lol....Shaving...lol.
So when I happened upon the Nook I decided to look for other similar forums and for some reason I like this place the best. And I signed up.
What also amazed me is, how insane some of you are...lol. I think I will fit right in. Mind you I don't think I am as nuts as some of you are about shaving but I think that just may be because of lack of funds and other priorities. One can't live by shaving alone. I guess when time gets really tough I could feed the family some wool fat soup...lol. Cut up a strop or two and boil and boil them in the soup for flavor...lol
I envy some of you and your collections. Brushes, razors, DE and straight. But, like I mentioned above, it keeps my collection to a minimum.

I mainly shave with a DE but I am slowly starting to use a straight razor (been a year). About every second or third shave I use the cheap straight I have. Depending on the day I can get a good two passes with the straight but I usually do the third with a DE. And, if after the first pass there is not too much blood I'll do the second...lol.
I do not yet enjoy my straight razor shaves like I do with a DE. With DE shaving ,whether a morning or evening shave, I find that it relaxes me and it's like a Zen kinda thing....Ya know what I mean? A straight razor shave is still a bit of a nerve racking thing to be really enjoyable. Still learning I guess and too tense. I guess the first few really good face slicings have traumatized me and are still fresh in my memory for me to loosen up...lol.

I'm waiting on a delivery of a few things I ordered last week but with the Easter weekend it has slowed the mail down a bit I guess cus my package is not here yet.
I am really anxious to get my new scuttle I ordered. I finally decided to get one. I have been using a huge soup mug for the last decade or so. It works ok and keeps the lather warm for the second pass but the third is, well, less than warn but not cold. So I thought I'd spring the cash for a scuttle and treat myself to something nice. Also I got a few blades coming, stuff I've never used before. There is a block of alum coming. And, one other thing that I am quite excited to receive and that is a ceramic blade bank for old blades. I've never seen one like it before. I'm sure you old timers have but it is new to me. Even the idea of a blade bank is new to me and never crossed my mind that there would even be such a thing. I remember the first home my father purchased when I was a little tike, there was a hole or slot, specifically built within the medicine cabinet for the purpose of putting old used blades. The only way to empty it was to take the whole cabinet out of the wall. My dad did that once and it was amazing how many blades were in the thing. The house was quite old and built sometime after the second WW and if memory serves me, we were the 11th owners of the house. It was a war time house built for returning vets. Back in the day when war vets were respected and treated with dignity. Any way I getting off track....I do that sometimes...lol. I guess the reason I brought that up was because my father would of loved to have one of these blade banks I just purchased if he were still around. The homes he bought later in life did not have this feature in the bathroom and he and I would just wrap up the old blade in some toilet paper and put it in the garbage can and tell mom to be carefull when she emptied the garbage.

When my stuff arrives I'll try to remember to take some pics and post them on the forum for you all to have a look see.

I have a question for someone or anyone. Is there a list anywhere on the forum that shows all Canadian vendors that sell shaving equipment? I know about Fendrihan and there is another In Ontario (can't remember the name at the moment) that I order from and is the one I'm getting my scuttle from and I've read on the forum about the Italian barber, I think that's the name and Lees razors. I haven't ordered from them YET...lol. I'm guessing that will be soon. Any way If there is no such list, doya think someone might want to give it a try an maybe make it a stickie???

Ok, I guess this should be good enough of an intro.

Fab Smile

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 04-01-2013, 07:09 PM
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Welcome to the Nook, Fab.

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 04-01-2013, 07:14 PM
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Hello and welcome!

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 04-01-2013, 07:15 PM
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Welcome to The Shave Nook. There are a number of Canadian vendors such as Italian Barber & Classic Edge (specializes in straight razors).

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 04-01-2013, 07:15 PM
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It's great to have you in the Nook!

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 04-01-2013, 07:30 PM
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Wow, great introduction and welcome to The Shave Nook!
i am not one of the crazy ones! Biggrin

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 04-01-2013, 07:50 PM
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(04-01-2013, 07:30 PM)celestino Wrote: Wow, great introduction and welcome to The Shave Nook!
i am not one of the crazy ones! Biggrin

Yea right Celestino, Your normal...lol...Hey Fab and welcome to The Shave Nook.. And Fab don't listen to Celestino cause I'M the only normal one on here... Happy Shaves Sir !!!

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 04-01-2013, 08:57 PM
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Welcome to The Shave Nook, Fab, and enjoy your stay. Smile

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 04-01-2013, 08:59 PM
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Welcome, Fab ... embrace crazy! Biggrin

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 04-01-2013, 10:07 PM
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Greetings Fab and welcome to the Nook. Thank-you for taking the time to post an interesting and informative introduction. Italianbarber.com is a Canadian based vendor that I have enjoyed purchasing from and happily recommend. I'm looking forward to seeing your scuttle and especially the blade bank when they arrive.

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 04-01-2013, 10:44 PM
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Fab, welcome to The Shave Nook. You should fit in here quite well.

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 04-02-2013, 01:52 AM
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Hello and welcome! Cool

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 04-02-2013, 02:43 AM
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Welcome to TSN, Fab.

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 04-02-2013, 04:07 AM
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Hello, welcome to: " Shave Nook " Relax & Enjoy.

Charles U.K

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 04-02-2013, 05:01 AM
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Welcome to our Nook, Fab!

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 04-02-2013, 05:42 AM
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Welcome to the Nook!

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 04-02-2013, 01:26 PM
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Hello, Fab and welcome ! Smile

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 04-02-2013, 01:39 PM
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

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 04-02-2013, 04:13 PM
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Hey all.
Thanks for the welcome.

Just wanted to say, I know you crazies are crazy and I know, that you know, that I know, that you know, you're crazies...What???...LOL
If I am not mistaken there might be some sort of anonymous AA type of group for y'all...lol. I'm serious....Maybe an intervention is in your futures...lol.

So I had a Dr.'s appointment this morning and on my way home after my appointment I stopped at the mail boxes. We have a communal mail box at the end of the street. I opened up our box and Woo Hoo! There was a key in our mail box and that means only one thing....A key is left in your mail box if what you are receiving is too big to fit in the tiny boxes you are allotted and at the bottom of the stack of mail boxes are a couple of larger boxes for larger mail. So I grabbed the key and opened up the big mail box and guess what I found? Figure it out yet? No? Ok, I'll tell ya. It was a big box filled with....Well I'll tell ya later....DOH! I'll make you all wait a bit longer. Sorry.
I want to do a proper unboxing review in another thread. After all this is the intro section of the forum and I don't want to get the mods all upset cus I'm reviewing stuff in the wrong section of the forum....Lol.

I only took pics of the unboxing, no video but I'm sure it will be just as enjoyable to look at the pics.

Once again, thanks all for the welcome.

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 04-05-2013, 09:22 PM
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Hi Fab, and welcome to the Nook. Enjoy your stay!

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