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This is the Rooney Style 3, Size 2 (medium) 24 mm "super" silvertip brush. It is handsome and well made. I have the smaller version of this brush — Style 3, Size 1 (small) — and love it. The brush fits in my small hands perfectly, and the tips are silky soft. The Style 3/2, however, is large for my hands, and there is a wee bit of a scritch, which my Hollywood face and outrageously sensitive skin can't handle. It has been used only once, that's it. ONCE. My price was $104.99. You may have the brush for $85 shipped U.S. Overseas is extra. Paypal is fine. Thanks.

[Image: PG1586J.jpg]

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 04-04-2013, 04:48 PM
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Obie, you have a pm Wink.

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