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[Image: P1270097.JPG?m=1364920290]

Barbiere di Figaro , the Dutch company , have commissioned some new soaps to the Italian maker Tcheon Fung Sing , and the result are 4 new soaps with exclusive scents , which were launched to the market a week ago.I was lucky enough to test some of these soaps before they were launched.

The soaps are very good indeed , and my favorite one , is with no shadow of a doubt , the "Esclusivo" one , even when the "Misterio" is right there.These soaps are also another proof that Tcheon Fung Sing are making very nice soaps.

This shaving soap is 100% veggie based , with extra of Stearic and Coconut Acid.I dont have the ingredients list on the samples I received , so here are the ingredients spotted on the BdF web page :

[Image: bdf-esclusivo-200-40.jpg]

This soap comes on a plastic jar with 100ml of shaving soap , as you can appreciate in the last pic , while I received samples on a "salsa refill jar" of 50 g each.

The lather from these soaps , as well as from all the TFS shaving soaps I have tried , is very dense , like many of you gentlemen like the shaving lather.As I always say , a picture is better than 1000 of my words , so here is a Duke 3 best badger ready to make lather with this "Esclusivo" shaving soap.

After 20 seconds loading the brush with the soap (no problems at all to load the brush with extra soap)

[Image: P1270094.JPG?m=1364920289]

And the final result.Noticed how dense is the lather , almost like mayo :

[Image: P1270095.JPG?m=1364920288]

The shaves with this soap have been more than correct , skin care wise talking.The lather , besides dense , its slick too : not uber slick , but slick enough.I have used TSF before with the same results , a good skin care properties (my skin is very dry and sensitive) , and I haven't suffered from major problems , like severe skin dryness after the shave.

However , the best thing about this soap (again) is its fragrance.Yes , once again I found a soap or cream which fragrance could be playing on the top league , with scents like Acqua Di Parma.Dont get me wrong , this "Esclusivo" is not a AdP knock out , but a scent which could be considered as good as that.It contains notes of Bergamot and citrus , like "blood oranges" , but not on the sweet side , but the fresh one (I don't know if I'm expressing myself right here).Its a balanced scent , not very strong or stridency , just a good , fresh scent , perfect for the spring and summer months ahead of us.The scent last through the shave , but doesn't lingers too much after the lather is gone , so it wont interfere with any lotion or balm afterwards.

For its scent , skin care , and price , this is a recommend shaving soap too.

Tcheo Fung Sing is proving that there is more than the traditional sweet/bitter almond scent in the "affordable" Italian shaving soaps , something that I truly appreciate : I cant stand the almond scent anymore.

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Another excellent review. Thanks Teiste.

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Another good soap review. Thanks Teiste.

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Thanks Teiste. I ordered all 4 scents and am eagerly awaiting their arrival.

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