04-06-2013, 07:56 PM
  • bullgoose
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Let's see those shaves!

Sunday, April 7th

Razor: Merkur Progress
Blade: Gillette Yellow
Brush: J.L. Petree Silvertip
Pre-Shave: Musgo Real Glyce Lime
Soap: Geo F. Trumper Violet
Scuttle: Ladysea Scuttle
A/S: Acqua di Parma

A very nice shave to start the week.

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 04-06-2013, 07:59 PM
  • fonthunter
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Good morning friends! Smile

PREP: Proraso Preshave Cream
BRUSH: 27mm SIMPSON Polo PL10 Best Badger
SOAP/CREAM: Acqua Di Parma Collezione Shaving Cream
SCUTTLE / BOWL: Fitjar Lathering Up Shaving Bowl
RAZOR: 11/16" Dubl Duck Goldedge, Square Point
STROP: Kanayama Cordovan #60000
SHAVE: 2 passes, WTG/XTG
AS: Acqua Di Parma Collezione After Shave Balm
COLOGNE: Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa
RESULT: Amazing shave!

[Image: 18292247_d387309eb69981cd3bda84bb5a3267b3_l.jpg]

Have a nice week,

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 04-06-2013, 08:35 PM
  • Johnny
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What a way to start the week. One of my all time favorite straights. Another nice picture Béla.

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 04-06-2013, 08:50 PM
  • ben74
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Merkur/Elite Razor Barber Pole Slant
Blade... Super Iridium
Brush... Simpsons E3
Mug... Boellis Pannama
Soap... Boellis Panama
Aftershave... Floid Blue

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 04-06-2013, 09:05 PM
  • Johnny
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Wow, what a combination. That razor handle makes me want a peppermint stick.

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 04-06-2013, 10:00 PM
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[Image: zo07maart2013_zpsef11f3db.jpg]
iKon Bulldog Standard Bar Safety Razor - 2013 model.
Morris Inox Blade.
Simpsons Limited Edition Butterscotch Polo 8 - Manchurian Badger, 2 band Knot: 24.5 mm / Loft: 50 mm.

Simpsons Naturally Vitalising Pre-Shave Oil.
Scottish Fine Soaps, Classic Male Grooming Shave Soap.
Aqua Velva - Williams Aftershave.
Scottish Fine Soaps, Classic Male Grooming Aftershave Balm.

Have a nice Sunday !

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 04-06-2013, 10:22 PM
  • Johnny
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Eelco, how do you like the Scottish Fine Soaps products? What would you compare them to?

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 04-06-2013, 10:28 PM
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Gillette Fat Boy
Perma Sharp (1)
Thäter SRP SE
Simpsons SS
Simpsons ASB
Le Prince Jardinier - Citrus Allegro

Have a nice day! Shy

[Image: B4yw23O.jpg]

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 04-06-2013, 10:33 PM
  • Johnny
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Great picture. Like looking through a fish bowl.

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 04-06-2013, 10:43 PM
  • lotse
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Sunday morning:

[Image: AN40lDM.jpg]

Portus Cale Citrus, Ceder & Amber SS
Dr. Dittmar 2Band
Tosuke (Kiyotaka Ichihara) Kamisori
Tüff sensitive AS
Bleu de Chanel EdT

Have a nice day!

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 04-06-2013, 11:08 PM
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Prep face wash L'Occitane verbena
Razor Hishakaku folding Kamisori
Strop Kanayama codovan #8000
Brush Bill Jack Le Tuft 59 in buckeyed burl
Mitchell's wool fat
Alum & Witch hazel
Una Brennan Neroli moisturiser
Penhaligon's Castile Edt


A lovely Sunday morning shave.

[Image: FotoFlexer_Photo1_zpse2440659.jpg]

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 04-06-2013, 11:11 PM
  • Johnny
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And the hits just keep on coming. Great picture Jamie. I love those Le Tuft brushes. Bill is such a gentleman.

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 04-06-2013, 11:54 PM
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Good Sunday to all lovers of shaved ...

Pre Shave Oil Lavender essential / / Henckels Rostfrei Razor 6/8 / / Brush manufactured by druid knot TGN silvertip / / Martin Candre Shaving soap/ / alum block house Montané / / Aftershave Lotion and balm Weleda

[Image: X4aLlqd.jpg]


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 04-07-2013, 12:00 AM
  • Johnny
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Great picture. What a lovely brush.

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 04-07-2013, 12:06 AM
  • mjemec
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Yesterday's late night shave

Mühle samples day 4 - 6.4.2013

[Image: kbzBjGvl.jpg]

Prep: shower, RazoRock glycerine pre-shave soap
Razor: Gillette Super Adjustable
Blade: Personna Med Prep (2)
Brush: WSP Monarch HMW
Scuttle: "Estremoz" V2 Green
Cream: Mühle Sea Buckthorn
Post: T.N. Dickinson's Witch hazel
Aftershave: Mühle Sea Buckthorn ASL

Well, this was the last of my Mühle samples. It seems like they made a mistake while packaging some of them and it seems the sandalwood cream I used on Friday was actually sea buckthorn as well. I don't know how this could've happened, but it was the exact same scent. So in a way I was right when I said I've never smelt a sandalwood scent like that. The lotion was different from the sandalwood one so no mistakes here.
Bottom line from these Mühle samples is that I really liked the skin care properties from both the shaving creams and aftershave lotions. I just don't know if they've convinced me to buy full-sized products.

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 04-07-2013, 12:42 AM
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(04-06-2013, 11:11 PM)Johnny Wrote: And the hits just keep on coming. Great picture Jamie. I love those Le Tuft brushes. Bill is such a gentleman.

Thanks Johnny, as you have already said Bill is such a nice gentlemen, his workmanship is top draw, and my two Le Tuft brushes are as good as any brush I own or have seen.


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 04-07-2013, 01:38 AM
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Myrsol emulsión
Vie-Long 16735
Mühle R89 + Perma Sharp
Shaving Soap: Cella
AS Floïd MV

[Image: img5918copiab.jpg]

I have tested today this soft italian soap, and got some mixed emotions. Lather and slick was very good, but the aroma is not my cup of tea. Nothing what Floïd couldn't solve Biggrin

Have a nice day!

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 04-07-2013, 02:06 AM
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[Image: DSC06101_zps4a823a60.jpg]
7/8 Flaschner Kalman - EJ Silvertip - JabonMan Vetiver-Mandarina-Litsea Cubeba - Proraso - Guerlain Vetiver

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 04-07-2013, 03:26 AM
  • Dave
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Brush: TGN 24mm Finest
Cream: Speick
Razor and Blade: Tradere SB~Gillette Black (3)
Post: Barbasol Splash and Balm

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 04-07-2013, 03:42 AM
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Prep: TFS raszozero Zagara e Gelsomino
Razor: Pearl SHD 21GB
Blade: Polsilver Super Iridium
Brush: Lijun&1980 silvertip
Soap: Barbiere di Figaro Raffinato
Aftershave: TFS Bergamotto Neroli splash
[Image: sotd7-4-13.jpg]

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