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I picked this pen up in trade a couple months ago and have come to the realization that FP's don't get used enough by me to warrant keeping this beauty in a box. I will stick to my trusty Pilot VP for my FP needs and a Retro 51 Big Shot for every day writing.

Inked once or twice by me, likely the same by previous owner. Complete with box, sleeve, ink cartridge, converter, paperwork etc.

Sailor 1911 with H-F 21k rhodium plated nib (full size) and full 3oz bottles of Badger & Blade 5 O'Clock Shadow Ink by Noodler's Ink & Badger & Blade Benevolent Badger Blue Ink by Noodler's Ink (inked once each).

The pen alone regularly goes for $175 & up, plus shipping on ebay, but I got a good deal on it and am passing it along in hopes that someone will appreciate the pen and put it to good use.

I'd like to sell this package for the following:
$150 shipped in Canada
$150 shipped to US with no tracking or insurance (not recommended)
$155 shipped to US with tracking & insurance
$140 + shipping elsewhere

If you would like more pics, measurements, weights etc, let me know.

Got any trade offers, let me know. Vintage razors, quality brushes etc....especially a Moonjava Brush Wink

If it doesn't sell, it's off to eBay.

Thanks for looking,


[Image: IMG_7595.jpg] [Image: IMG_7596.jpg] [Image: IMG_7597.jpg] [Image: IMG_7598.jpg] [Image: 001.jpg]


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