04-07-2013, 04:56 PM
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I am ordering a few brushes this week.. Going back to my beloved boars and want to try a few Omega brushes.

First, I have been lusting over the Omega 73645..

Are the 80266 and 10066 the same other than the died bristles? Spec wise, they are the same. Looks like Connaught has all of the the brushes I am looking for. Are they the considered the best source?

Also going to add a 40033... I just bought a 11047 mixed loft and am wishing I got the all boar..

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 04-07-2013, 07:32 PM
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Shoebox Shave Shop has a huge selection of Omegas.

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 04-07-2013, 08:55 PM
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I would recommend looking at Shoebox as well for run of the mill brushes, some of their sale prices are really good. Connaught has the premium line on closeout so if you are thinking of getting one of those in your order then I would order everything there. I have settled on the fact that pretty much all of the knots in Omega brushes are similar so choose the knot diameter and loft that you want then find a handle that you prefer and order away. I have settled on the Wide Waiste Midget (23mm x 48), the Pro 49 knot transplanted into a wood handle with the loft set at 60mm (26mm diameter), the 11648 Black and Chrome at 21mm x 46(this knot may find a new home as well) and of course the 11047 mixed Mighty Midget.

If you order from Connaught throw in a Vulfix bristle brush while you are at it. They are a nice small size face lathering brush with less backbone, yet enough, and very soft tips and they break in fairly quickly as well.

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