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Hi everyone -

Some items up for sale that hopefully tickles someone's fancy. As it usually seems to be, these are all great but didn't catch on with me. All items include CONUS USPS Priority Mail (except the Captain's Choice: that will be shipped First Class because Priority Mail cost is too close to my asking price). International buyers: I can only ship the bakelite slant internationally; the straight razor is too dangerous and the aftershaves have alcohol content.

I accept Paypal goods/services payment.

With the fine print out of the way, on to the sale:

(1) First up is an intriguing vintage staight razor and strop combination set. The straight is a 5/8 hollow-ground J.R. Torrey straight with square point. When I purchased this straight it was actually NOS (with some minor fixing and hone-work done).

It is a "156 - The Barber" model and is a great step-up from a "starter" package while also being vintage. There is some patina forming, but otherwise its in great condition (any imperfections were there prior to opening).

The strop is actually a homemade buffalo strop, measuring 18" by 2.5". What I particularly like is the wooden handle. Most "budget" strops these days either have a D-ring or just the strop end to hold; this handle is perfect to hold. The linen component (in black) is all cotton and measures 19" by 2". I did catch a little of it while stropping once, but nothing too damaging and nothing that needs to be fixed in anyway.

I bought these as a set from Badger and Blade member "Gamma" who has a great reputation there in the straight razor community. I purchased it in the "NOS" condition in late February for $110 (see here for original sale post). I would like to sell this for $90 and I will include a broken-in Omega 10003 boar brush (not pictured) and either a brand new tube of (pre-reformulation) Proraso or Musgo Real (your choice). SOLD! Thanks Johnus and TSN!

(2) Myrsol Aqua Balsamica aftershave splash. This is the 180ml glass bottle. I've used this three times, so I would conservatively estimate that there is 95% remaining. This is a great aftershave and its reputation is as good as it gets. I bought this to "pair" with Martin de Candre, due to the fougere elements of the Myrsol; rosemary, thyme, and lavender are the notes here.

Unfortunately, I had my annual dermatologist check-up and she recommended I use a non-alcohol-based balm. So I need to sell this, through no fault of its own. I bought it for $32 from West Coast Shaving, so I was thinking $25 shipped. SOLD! Thanks beartrap and TSN!


(3) Captain's Choice bay rum aftershave. 4 ounce glass bottle; I estimate there is 80% remaining. I originally post this for sale back in February, but withdrew it because I "re-liked" it. However, like above, I cannot be using alcohol-based splashes anymore. I bought it for $19, had planned to sell it originally for $15, so I think a fair price would be $13.

(4) Vintage German Bakelite Slant. Unknown manufacturer. Members here have expounded on this slant on many threads. I myself find it to be a great "milder" slant than the current-production 37c because it doesn't "open up" like the 37c and also the light weight actually works in its favor to keep it gliding across the skin.

I purchased this from Italian Barber before they completely sold out. I haven't been reaching for it enough to justify keeping it. I bought it new for $40 so I think $35 is a fair price. SOLD! Thanks beartrap and TSN!

As always, I invite any comments about my pricing in this thread; also feel free to PM me with any further inquiries or comments.

Thanks for looking,

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 04-08-2013, 11:05 AM
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Update: bakelite slant and Myrsol sold! Thanks beartrap and TSN!

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 04-09-2013, 05:11 AM
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Quick update: straight/strop combo is sold! Thanks Johnus and TSN.

The Captain's Choice is still available.

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 04-10-2013, 06:45 AM
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ALL SOLD! Thanks everyone! Please archive.

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