04-09-2013, 05:51 AM
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SOLD! Mods, please archive!

Hi everyone -

I completely forgot to add these items to yesterday's sale. Up for sale are two soaps, Mitchell's Wool Fat and Pre de Provence. I accept Paypal goods/services payment. Prices include CONUS shipping (for international buyers, we can work something out to split costs).

I will ship the Mitchell's Wool Fat via USPS Priority Mail, and the PdP via First Class mail.


(1) Mitchell's Wool Fat in ceramic container, plus 2 refill pucks. Each puck is 125 grams/4.4 ounces. The puck in the container has just been lathered once, so you are essentially getting three full pucks. I used to love MWF but for some reason I've fallen out of it favor with it, through no fault of its own. I bought these last year for approximately $50 from Wingham Wool Work. I would like to get $45 shipped for the set.

(2) Pre de Provence soap in aluminum tin. 150 grams/5.25 ounces. As you can see in the lower photo, the lettering is still on the puck as I've probably lathered with it at most three times. I love the scent and its very moisturizing, but I don't reach for it very much (I mainly use MdC these days). Its enriched with shea butter and it has a nice pine-y smell from the predominant sage notes. It comes in an aluminum tin with a convenient screw-top lid. There is a small ding on the bottom of the lid; it just came that way and it in no way hinders anything. I bought it for $13 and so I was hoping to get $10 for it. SOLD! THANKS GREGDR AND TSN!

As always, feel free to comment in this thread on prices, and feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns.

Thanks for looking,

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 04-09-2013, 09:51 AM
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All items sold! Mods, please archive.

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