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Before I start I must say I love colognes. I probably have as many fragrances as a pharmacy, more than I need and more than I can detail or itemize. We all have our compulsions for certain items, mine is cologne. I hate, I hate when you stand next to someone and you can smell the body odor, especially for those of us who work in the confines of interior spaces. As such, I love to dabble cologne on me, at several intervals throughout the day. In reiteration, I just wanted to demonstrate my love of colognes/fragrances and so as to share the following experiences with a seemingly unknown, or at least unknown to me, brand of cologne.

I was in the pharmacy and looking at the sale/discount section of the men's cologne and came across an oddly named fragrance. It is called SEXUAL SECRET MAN by Michel Germain, I was reluctant to pick it up because the name was just too much. However, as my wife and I chuckled over the peculiar name, she convinced me to try it. And you know what, we were both pleasantly surprised; the scent was amazing, and I purchased two bottles, upon my wife's suggestion. I do not want to get into a detailed description of the scent, I just want to detail the results this scent had on the people around me.

In using this cologne, I must honestly say that I received 4 compliments from ladies, in and around my place of work, excluding my wife's love of this cologne, and constant compliments for its use.

Firstly,I was at Starbuck's like any other morning getting my coffee, and an attractive middle aged lady, excuses herself and asks me what cologne I am wearing. The exact word she used was "delicious". Secondly, I was on the elevator in my building, and a mature lady, could have been my mother, told me how good I smelled and how much she enjoyed men taking pride in their grooming and appearance. Thirdly, I was standing in line at a gas station, and a mother with her two kids in front of me, turns around and asked me what I was wearing because she wanted to buy it for her husband. Finally, my partner at the office, loved how the whole office smelled like me and she wanted to know the type of cologne I was wearing. And believe it or not, this cologne was instrumental in getting me 4 compliments, in a couple of weeks, from four diverse ladies, each one having been in a different stage of their lives.

Consequently and for these reasons, I recommend the following:

1. Fragrances and colognes are important for men;
2. Do not be afraid to try newer, bolder scents or fragrances;
3. You must try the cologne herein above mentioned.

So if anyone out there has had similar experiences, if anyone cares to share their opinion of the said cologne, if anyone cares to recommend a bolder scent or if anyone just wants to discuss their love of scents and fragrances, please do not be shy, I would love to hear from you.

Happy Shaving. Sam.

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 04-16-2013, 03:03 AM
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Yes Sam, this is a nice one. This was made in the Sexual series for Victoria's Secret but it can be found for purchase elsewhere too as you've mentioned.

There are several flankers for MG's Sexual series at this point, IMO Secret and the original Sexual being the best.

It seems the heavier Oriental fragrance category as well as the gourmand fragrances seem to get the most compliments. Perhaps one of the reasons for that is because they project so well and leave the most sillage.

I too have had a fragrance addiction for a long while. I was on Basenotes for many years, actually since it's inception as a Yahoo board. I left a while ago after accumulating too many bottles of fragrance to mention as well as about a thousand or decants and samples. I was heavy into pure oud oils as well and that was just killing my bank account!

I've recently come full circle and have redeveloped my interest in fragrance with the addition of a bottle of Slumberhouse Norne extrait. It smells like pure forest. Biggrin

Once you enter the niche fragrance world and/or things like pure oud oil, it's a slippery slope. RAD/BAD/SAD or anything shaving related pales in comparison to the $$$ that can be spent with a fragrance addition. Don't get me started on my mechanical watch obsession.......
Enjoy your new scent!


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I had quite the opposite reaction from my wife...she flat out said that if I ever wear it again I would be out on the couch...Huh Maybe it smells of her ex-husband...I'm not sure. My Scent chemsitry is funny...I can wear Polo Double Black, but Polo Black be damned! I can wear WM Neumann, but not Speick or Pitralon, or virtually any Creed scent...Dare I say I cannot wear Floid Suave, but Floid Vigoroso is a yes...I cannot wear Tabac, but Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is a yes...it is hit or miss for me.

Even when the cologne scent lies within the same group such as a Fougere I must try it on first before committing to the whole bottle. I am a regular Lurker on Basenotes, and also have the preffered card at the Perfumed Court, but even then it is hit or miss...there are NEVER any scents that are just okay on me...either it is YES or it is NO. I actually wish I could wear more, but alas, that is not my lot in life....lol

I do like to experiment, though, and have found that Floid Vigoroso and Diptyque Tam Dao work quite well on me...I can also wear 1881 Cerruti with Drakkar AS, but not the cologne...


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Digging this one up here...it's really amazing how fragrance is so subjective. Not only does each person's sense of smell varies (and triggers memories which might or might not attract the person to a scent), but each cologne will smell different on each person based on their structure. To top it all off, there are SO many colognes out there, that it can be overwhelming to say the least.

Which brings me to my overall point, which EHV triggered in my mind when he mentioned "Oriental Frags". I think that its smart (as this has worked for me) to find some base notes that work for you, and explore options in those areas. I figured this out recently as I noticed I was drawn to scents which were similar in structure, but different in overall scent. YMMV and all that

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