04-16-2013, 03:42 PM
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Trawling 'round various forums/threads it seems there's a general feeling, and consensus that Merkur blades offer a dog rough shave experience and (quite literally) add insult to injury, being a ppoor value for money.

Here in the UK, Merkur super platinums are presently the most expensive current production DE blade available for sale (circa £UK38/100) - and not by a small margin - Highly regarded Feathers are bargain basement by comparison.

Might it be because Merkurs are a German manufactured product and their retail price simply reflects high European production costs? Well no... I believe Wilkinson Sword blades are also manufactured in Germany and whilst they are not inexpensive, they're not Merkur money.

I've generally found that old adage rings true: you get what you pay for (and there's no such thing as a bargain). Merkurs are priced as a premium product and have to perform as such to justify their place in the DE blade market - have I missed something? Experience always buys quality regardless of price (and my age is perhaps revealed by my memory of an arrogant pitch by a corporate salesman... "no one ever got fired for buying IBM'' at the time Wang and Dictaphone offered arguably better products, er, I went for the blue badge). I digress... and so back to the Merkurs: accidentally locked and loaded one in my '11 R41 - every bit as painful and a wretched experience as the forums warned, so much so I made a mental note to toss them away lest I or some other poor sod hurt them self.

...But, the razor that provides me with the most satisfying and comfortable shave and the second least expensive I own, is the 39C. For me, it's got it all: innovation, pedigree and design longevity and currently unique in the market place, high quality (for a non-solid steel product) and it's an affordable package which simply out shaves every other razor I own regardless of cost.

The brilliance of the Merkur super platinum blade is realised when screwed down in a 39C - the synergy, smooth shave quality and extended blade life is utterly superb - they are simply and beautifully designed for each other, anything else is a compromise. And suddenly it all makes sense, Merkur are abiding to the Gillette business model, mark-down the razor and mark-up the blade... but the world's moved on hasn't it?

If you've made it to here, my apologies for the inane waffle, enjoy your shave, fw

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 04-16-2013, 03:51 PM
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I really don't think Merkur blades are bad at all, but yes IMO they are over priced. I am not a huge fan of their razors. I've had a handful of them and let them all go.

I think a lot of the dislike of the blades is from the lone blade supplied with their new razors. A new shaver without much experience pulls the banged up blade from his new HD and rips himself up and perpetuates the cycle on the shave forums. I certainly wouldn't spend what they are asking for the blades, but don't think they deserve the reputation they have.

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 04-16-2013, 11:56 PM
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My experience is different: I love the Merkur blades, I think they are the best blades I've tried, when used in a Merkur razor. They're insanely expensive, yes, but each blade gives me about 8 really smooth and deep shaves, no other blade lasts that long.

I use Astra SPs also, I think they are less perfomant but cost a fraction, so they're a good compromise. Problem is, I don't like compromises much Biggrin

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