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Christian Lacroix – Tumulte Pour Homme – 50ml bottle (at least 90% full…little below the neck)

If you like cedar, this is for you. It’s been discontinued for a while, and is now pretty pricey on eBay. More information…


$50 shipped. Kinda shooting from the hip on this one, as I don’t deal in discontinued frags very often. If I’m off base, let me know. Feel free to shoot me an offer.

[Image: a4u8ugej.jpg]

Byblos – In Black – 100ml (used twice)

Got this after seeing great reviews on Fragrantica. Essentially a poor man’s Terre d’Hermes. It’s a little less “in your face” than TdH. Maybe doesn’t have the Iso E Super? Anyway, I have since been given some TdH, so won’t be needing this one. More information…


$20 shipped.

[Image: yga3ujup.jpg]

EvolutionMan – Cleanse and Shave – 150ml (est. 90% remaining)

Kinda random, but thought someone here may appreciate this. It’s a high quality face wash with some nice ingredients, but my complexion needs something a little more harsh. Low foaming, smells like orange.


$8 shipped.

[Image: redaba9u.jpg]


½ ounce of Nancy Boy Signature Shaving Cream
40g tube of Lea Sensitive Shaving Cream (90% full)

Choose one for free with a fragrance purchase.

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