04-19-2013, 05:16 PM
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Vie long 50/50 brush
Feather blade
C.O. Bigalow shave cream

I've been using a futur and just got my first slant bar from west coast shaving. I was very surprised by the following:

1. How small and light weight the razor was.I felt like the small size gave me extra control.
2. I was prepared to finish with grinder face especially since I was pairing with a feather. However I only ended up with 1 minor nic due to improper angle under the chin. I took 1 stroke too long from neck to chin without turning my wrist over too maintain angle.
3. I thought it shaved easily .
4. No one should be afraid to use a slant bar and I would recommend it to beginners.

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 04-19-2013, 05:56 PM
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Congratulations on your first slant shave. You use the slant like any other razor that is no special angle is needed. The 37C is a very nice razor and has an excellent trip. Continued success.

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 04-19-2013, 06:05 PM
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I think it's a great razor too and not aggressive or scary at all. It's a very smooth razor.

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 04-19-2013, 07:12 PM
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Congratulations on the shave!

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 04-19-2013, 08:19 PM
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The slant is a very efficient razor that offers very close and smooth shaves with little effort, you just have to pay attention to your technique a bit.

It sounds as though you had a very good first shave with your 37C. Keep at it, the shaves only get better with time. Cool

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 04-19-2013, 09:19 PM
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The slant is certainly nothing to fear. It was the only DE that could come close to working for me.

Yeah, I broke down. It's Tapatalk 2 for iPhone.

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 04-19-2013, 09:21 PM
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(Don't tell anyone but) If someone put a gun to my head, I might say I enjoy using the (37C) slant more than my Feather SS. They're great performers.

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 04-23-2013, 08:09 PM
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Thanks everyone I've definitely been enjoying the slant

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