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Gillette Ball End Old Type: 1920's Gold plated 3 piece Old Type with brown cloth covered metal snap lid case with brown felt lining. Excellent shaving razor. Typical moderate aggressive old type. Case is missing blade bank. This style razor/case is called the Brownie set Gillette.


Razor: Above average condition with good color. small crack at top and bottom of handle on opposite sides but caps are still tight in handle tube. NO bent teeth, perfect shaving condition.

Case: Outside cloth cover is there but torn in places at the hinge/rear. Interior is dirty but still fully covered with the original velvet. Spring close lid works just fine. No Gillette info remains on inside of the lid (it's very faint but I might as well not mention it)

Price: $21.00 Shipping included to USA only

[Image: old_type1_zpsc8123338.jpg]

[Image: old_type5_zpsd1f401cb.jpg]

[Image: old_type4_zps93571a21.jpg]

[Image: old_type3_zps5b00337a.jpg] [Image: old_type2_zpsd416c96e.jpg]

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